Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Gentiana Scabra


Both, Juergen and I love flowers and one of the thing I look forward too are his flower surprises now and then.

Last week, he was at the Gardening Centre to check out the latest autumm and winter flower selection to replace our current spring and summer plants around the house. And he surprised me with these.

This is Gentiana Scabra and she originates from the mountainous Alps in Austria.

When Juergen brough it back, this was how it looked. And because I loved it so much, I place them in one of my favourite places which was the kitchen and it wilted within days! Jeez ... so sensative hor. So, I quickly put them outside again where its 5C in the evening now and around 10C during the day, and she´s happily blooming and cheerful.

Two weeks ago, I found some new pots around the house. There´s moreeeeee at the attic upstairs, and some in an old cupboard at the front room and perhaps, perhaps ... I shall go hunt for more at the basement cellar downstairs hehehe. A lot of goodies there!

.. anyway, I decided to plant more basil and have them handy in the kitchen too, in addition to the long pot of herbs I have outside. Its growing well and I´m so thrilled!


Because they are well, now .. my head is getting bigger and Juergen´s head is probably spinning. Hahahaha. Another two pots of parsley would be nice.

What do you think?


  1. Yeah, not bad:)
    Parsleys....you must have green fingers!~

  2. will you believe me if I said that I could not even make a cactus plant alive back in KL hahaha, over here, everything works magically.

  3. they look so amazing... my 2nd kid loves to plant... he'll be thrilled to see these... :)

  4. thanks :-) its good to keep the earth greener and what a wonderful sigh end of the day.

  5. That's a lovely bluish-violet plant. I love the colour. Wow, sounds like your German house is full of fun stuff to discover.

    It's funny to me that in Switzerland, we can pour some water into the base plate of a pot and the soil would just soak it up. Never happened to me in M'sia. ;-)

    I'm worried about watering plants to death and my Other Half is constantly worried about thirsty plants. How?

  6. well, perhaps everything is still new to me here and am still curious like a child hehe

    oh yeah, we have those pots with water level indicator too, all 20 huge ones surrounding our home windows and the main herb pot, but somehow, I still like the idea of having a small pot of each herb type which i can move about in every corner of the kitchen. this is what´s making my other half pening hahahaha

    me and other half seems to neglect our plants lol, so nooo problemoooo hahaha

  7. Very pretty. It's kinda hard to find blue flowers back here.

    Does that mean the flower only will thrive in cool weather?


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