Friday, 26 September 2008

Celebrity Wannabe

I am currently sooooooo addicted to this morphing thing where you can combine two faces (one of yourself and the other is a celebrity) into one. Some turned out pretty well, but some where downright outrageous!

And may I introduce you to ...

Ahemmm ... Winona Kang :-)
270708 497.jpg's Face Combined with Winona Ryder -

Lianne Porter (hmmmm, too bad that the celebrity genes are stronger than mine. I can´t see myself in here).
The faces of 270708 497.jpg and Harry Potter combined together -

Monalisa Kang ...
270708 497.jpg and Mona Lisa -

Lianne Holmes aka Mrs. Cruise, I kinda like the broody look!
270708 497.jpg and Katie Holmes Faces Combined Together -

And this is my sister, Lianne Ziyi. Hahaha, NOT BAD!
270708 497.jpg's Face Combined with Zhang Ziyi -

Aiyo ... I aged Uma Thurman. Sorry!
The faces of 270708 497.jpg and Uma Thurman combined together -

This LiaKIRA is so puffed up. Will not do.
270708 497.jpg's Face Combined with Shakira -

Perhaps I can change my hair colour a little and do a bit of eyelid operation. Love this look!
270708 497.jpg and Ayumi Hamasaki Faces Combined Together -

Hmmm .. her trademark eyebrow which one gotta get use too.
The faces of 270708 497.jpg and Audrey Hepburn combined together -

Audrey Toutou Kang, ahhhh ... love her magnetic eye. If you don´t know her, go watch Amelie. Its my all time favourite movie.
270708 497.jpg and Audrey Tautou -

Lianne Jolie-Pitt! Oh YES! I can die happily now!
270708 497.jpg and Angelina Jolie Faces Combined Together -

Okay .. moving on to fun stuff ...

If I make baby with a chinese man, my boy will look like this.
The faces of 270708 497.jpg and Daniel Dae Kim combined together -

If with caucasian, look like this worrrr ... (btw, that´s Jude Law´s genes)
270708 497.jpg and Jude Law Faces Combined Together -

If Lianne Kang decides to be Lion King .. oh man, how it rhymes!
270708 497.jpg and Lion Faces Combined Together -

If I become the queen of England one day, my son will look like this. Goodness!
270708 497.jpg and Prince Charles -

Alas .. better be with a wise man, horrrrr ...
The faces of 270708 497.jpg and Yoda combined together -

Errr ... no lah. If I am given a choice ah, I´d rather be a latino babe anyday.

Check me out! Hehe ...

With Almudena Fernandez
270708 497.jpg's Face Combined with Almudena Fernandez -

Maria Menounos + Lianne Kang
270708 497.jpg's Face Combined with Maria Menounos -

Actually, Zhang Zi Yi´s not bad of all.


  1. Hahahhaa......interesting about this morphing thing...and also HILARIOUS!:D

  2. yupppp! are you gonna try? lol

  3. That's Cool!!!

    I want to change my face into the mltibillionareharrypotter!

    Funny post you have here!


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