Saturday, 27 September 2008

Backerei Pick of the Week

Germans are known for their extensive choices of yummy breads and confectionary.

This is true as I constantly find myself overwhelmed when in the bakery or Backerei as locally called, and can´t help falling in love with it again and again.

I picked this Eclair lookalike, but tasted nothing like it. It was actually butter cookie with chocolate sauce on top.

I picked something nutty too, and it was lovely! The bread had a chewy, pretzel texture and slightly salty, with chocolate nutty outer.

And of course, my favourite bread texture which is the pretzel kind. This came with lots of yummy seeds and it was lovely.

Hmmmm .... I wonder what is in-store next week?


  1. where is this store? look so yummy and chocolatey

  2. this is from Eismann, I believe is a chain of bakery here in North Germany.


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