Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Wish them well ...

My sis drop me an email yesterday informing me that mum was hospitalised after vomitting for past days. Both my dad and sis had been taking time off work to care for her and getting her tested for all kinds of possible infection etc and in her mail, I can´t help sensing that they are both exhausted by the whol affair. One is old after all and the other is heavily pregnant. My mum is better now and is back home recuperating.

At times like these, I wish I am around.

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At times like these, I wish my brother would be a bit more responsible. But sometimes things don´t change huh.

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Juergen is such a sweetie. Took me to go watch Mamma Mia and I felt better soon after.

But that does not change the fact that I miss my family back home. My dad, mum, sis and Ashleen the most.

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  1. hi hi....back to visit here.....wishing u a nice morning day.


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