Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Tarte Flambe Dinner

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Prosciutto and Serrano cost only 2.50E per pack here. It is nothing compared to the premium price paid in restaurants back home isn´t it? And with such good quality ham, I reckon I do not have to do much with it except enjoy it as it is but you know me, I like to complicate things sometimes *grin*

We made Tarte Flambe one night, with a pre-prepared pizza based I made earlier that afternoon. With recipe at hand, the crust did not turn out as much as I like. It was the thick kind, or perhaps, I have not flatten it enough. Oh well.

Anyway, I had earlier gotten a tube of Creme Fraiche (which again in Malaysia, cost a bomb!). Am so happy to know that most of the major stuff I fancy here cost only cents and such, and so, I can put this Tarte Flambe recipe to try after getting this tip from an old friend from Munich. According to him, it requires only Creme Fraiche at the base, afterwhich you layer them with with lots of onions and bacon. Well, Prociutto is definately extravagant for this dish, but isn´t it nice to eat well and live well?

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While we smeared the other half with creme fraiche, we decided to try making a pizza with the other half. J made something something tomato paste out of some ready made sauces from the fridge and I assembled the salami, mozzarella, basil leave, tomato and pepper.

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Both tasted heavenly (except the thick crust), and would definately give this a try again! We particularly favour the Tarte Flambe more, for its clean cut and fresh taste flavour. Its a combination that works well, but that being said, credit has to be given to J for concocting up a pizza base sauce without an actual tomato sauce.

And to compliment our dinner, a semi dry and smooth bottle of Yugoslavian wine from our cooking department did the job marvelously!


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