Friday, 15 August 2008

Non Alcoholic Mojito

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I love the drink culture here.

Sometimes when I feel like a little something minus the alcohol, I would go make myself a glass of yummy mojito. My version is slightly different. Instead of mint, I have with it lemon mint, another kind of herb which gives out a lovely lemon flavour. A present from Mama Else from April, its plant is getting balder by the day hence I really ought to get the herb pot done up so that I can give them more TLC with better soil, and bigger space to breathe and grow.

If you wish to try this, just crush some lemon mint leave with lemon slices, add a dash of sweetener or sugar syrup, and lastly, H20. Plain or carbonised kind.

I love mine with gas, hence I´m using carbonated kind. BTW, isn´t it amayzing that one can choose their carbonated water from mild, medium to hard? And it cost a mere 2-3e for a dozen, minus a refundable deposit of 15cents each bottle, I think. Can´t remember the actual price but really, who cares for Perrier if there´s a better alternative.


  1. who cares for perrier if there's better alternative...
    um... msia dont have ya...
    hey... but will try your recipe.. seems good...

  2. It's a good thing you prefer non-alcoholic drinks rather than liquors. Moreover, alcoholic drinks certainly have the tendency to cause addiction and alcoholism, which is not good.


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