Thursday, 28 August 2008

My Thursday Buddy

I am currently assisting Silvia with her kinder music class every Thursday for a few hours and one of the things I look forward too is meeting Victor. Victor is a dog, a huge black dog and is super friendly and playful. He would, without fail wag its tail whenever he spots me, even from our first meeting and I guess Silvia noticed him warming up to me and had assigned me to divert his attention whenever the kids arrive/leave for classes.

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But of course, him being playful will not stop at just that but will instead go fetch his favourite toy and ask me play with him.

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He´s one handsome fella, isn´t he?

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I love Silvia´s place. She lives in a huge 3 storey house with a large garden and a range. There is a huge trampolin to hop on too and whenever Leandra spots me, she would call out in her deutsch asking me to hopfen with her. Komme, kommeeeee she would beg and I have to dissappoint her again and again coz I have to assist Silvia in her class. During my first day there, I obliged with a good half hour hopping but good grief! My heart nearly KO on me hence ...

Speaking of trampolin, Juergen ordered us a trampolin for us to hop on at home! Haha!

Lately, I am breathing better and eating plums and apples straight from the trees. Jonathan showed me how to recognise a ripe one, plucked one from the tree for me to test. He´s such a handsome little fella and resembles Juergen so much when he was a kid. On a few occassion, I can´t help noticing Jonathan munching on some food non-stop, just like how Juergen does when he was a kid, was always caught on camera doing that and I had the privilege to see those pics. Funny.

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I wanna learn how to ride but afraid ...
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A bit of update.

My German Integration course will be starting October, while Basic Deutsch is pending registration still. Juergen and I had just picked up a bicycle from Ralf last night and all I need to do is test it tonight to see if I like how it feels. Is the height suitable and can I manage the bike well. Its a fairly huge bike with 7 speeds and 3 absorber function. Bicycle in this area is the most popular mode of transport for short journey destination and for me, I guess I will use it within 2 km radius from the house coz the land her is super flat and easy to ride. Parking the bike is easy and no hassle at all and I can enter every zone without worrying for the police coming after me. If I don´t feel comfortable with the bicycle, I would have to resort to driving our car - which is nerve wreaking to me coz it is big and new and I don´t want to get any scratch on it, really. The drivers here too seems to obey every rule there is here where else you know how Malaysians drive yeah. Alternatively, he would get me a small car for me to commute around, but that would have to come later after getting some driving licence conversion done. Bah.

Next Friday, Juergen will be going to Opatija for his yearly vacation with his guy friends - The other Juergen, Ralf, Klaus, Frank, Frank, Franzis, Gregor and Rainer. All 9 of them and I can feel their excitement!

How I envy really, coz I have heard so much about this place. Than Juergen asked if we would like to hope over to Rome in October coz there is a National´s Day off then. I was thinking of Geneva to visit Lillian too, and now there is another temptation of Rome! How to decide!

This November, we will be back in KL, and December, we will be having a Christmas holiday with the group near a ski resort. Than, Juergen mention claiming our Miles point for Valencia early next year and from the looks of it, there is a trip every month and I´m overwhelmed!

Pssstttt ... I also suspect that he is bringing me and his parents to Rhine River Cruise this Sunday with German buffet spread. Not sure if it is true but saw some links he visited in our PC and some printouts he accidently left on the table. Haha.


P.S : My mum is well at home now and is in her jolly mood again. I´m glad that there wasn´t any serious implication to her vomitting. Phewwww.

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