Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Mini Pies and Grenadine Beer Dinner

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When I was in Ahaus back in April, we stayed in most of the time and cooked most of our meals from breakfast to supper. It is very different lifestyle compared to my routine in KL and at times, I do miss it and would nudge Juergen to bring me to a cafe for a little adventure. We have dine in one of Ahaus finest restaurant and I was ordinary. We tried the local cafe, and also found it ordinary. Oh man, we can do better than them! To add wound to the matter, the readymade sauces and seasoning taste just as good and fresh as those in restaurant and cafe. Groceries are affordable too, so no wonder dining scene here is just not so happening. Even the two chinese restaurants are doing so-so only. Or perhaps, the Germans or Ahausians are not so into food. I don´t know. Perhaps, I will find out a little bit more.

So here is to another home cook session last Tuesday before the guys arrival to discuss on their trip to Croatia in September. We had little time, so we did something quick. First ...

We made a simple salad of Cocktail Tomatoes from Haluco, Holland. Sautee some mushroom and drizzle them with a bit of Truffle Oil.
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We finished off a pack of Gourmet Four Flavour Mini Pies consisting of Cream Cheese, Herb, Tomato and Spicy.
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And finished them off with Grenadine Beer. Super good which taste very little of beer and heavier on Grenadine syrup.
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Alrghto ... I´m off to Aldi for pizza and cake ingredient shopping!

Bis Spater! (See you later!)

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