Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Mama Else´s Beautiful Garden

Every morning, when the weather´s clear and sunny, I would walk towards the edge of our balcony and peep down towards Mama´s garden. This is what greets me. What a beautiful day.

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I would tip toe down the staircase to this beautiful eden ...

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And surround myself with
blooms in every shades and sizes,
delectable and aromatic fruits tantalising me to pluck them before its ripe,
fresh, edible flowers which I have only heard off but not tried,
and seasonal, pesticide free vegetables waiting to be cooked and savour ...

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The airs fresher ...

And I vow to life longer to enjoy them all ...

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There´s even grapes for celebration ...

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It takes a lot of hardwork, determination and passion to upkeep such a beautiful garden.

Mama Else, my inspiration.


  1. Really... Mama Else deserves all the praises for the hard work!

  2. Such pretty flowers! When I first designed my garden, it was supposed to look like this. Then the weeds took over. :-(

  3. i feel like rapunzel's mother. remember the story? she was pregnant, and meng-idaming, and saw the beeeautiful vegetables next door, and asked her hubby to go steal them. then the witch caught them and demanded the first born.

  4. Hi--stumbled upon your blog while I was looking for some Malaysian recipes, but I have been reading all about your move to Germany and it is fascinating! I think your writing is very beautiful in this entry--I can really feel the bliss in your new life. Anyway, I just wanted to drop a note and let you know how much I am enjoying reading :D

  5. Jason - she does huh ... and she needs to care for the whole house and her hubby too .. hard work.

    Meena - at least you have weeds growing .. mine back in KL did not even had a chance with it lol

    Aiyo FBB, all I remember was Rapunzel had long hair and was living in this high tower dreaming on her prince ... the nice bits lah ..
    why you like to remember all the not so nice stuff one?

    Thanks Tofu Girl .. oh how I miss tofu.


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