Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Ham, Cheese and Mushroom Crepe Lunch

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Tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! My new crepe pan all the way from Malaysia! You know, this is such a fabulous grab and we are thoroughly happy with it during our few crepe session making. He makes a better crepe than me fortunately and all I had to do is sit at our breakfast table, la-ti-da .... bait my eye lid a bit and wait for my food *smile* What´s a girl without doing what´s natural eh ...

But not that I just sat there and do just that ... my eyes did some work too - of course. Observe and learn. Juergen´s such a good cook and he does it with such ease. Though I´ve cooked a fair bit back in Malaysia, it is mostly oven or work based, and technique ... ahhhh technique. I´ve never really learned the proper technique until arriving here.

I tried making these crepes two days ago, and it was sooo yummy. Technique to get it right? Beat the batter with a hand mixer versus my fork-in-bowl method. IT DOES make a difference. And the other technique ... cold water, which made the batter smoother and lighter and oil the crepe pan with kitchen towel, smeared lightly with some oil.

I never knew that all you need for a crepe batter are flour and water only. Really.
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Another colourful lunch. I heart my crepe of Gouda Cheese, Turkey Ham and Swiss Mushroom Filling. Lecker, leckerrrrrr!!! (yummy, yummy!)
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Slurpppppppppppppppppppppp ....
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My smart ticket is here for Tobit´s Night Clubbing in Ahaus, 16th August 2008! There´s a host of appearances from artist from in and out of Germany ...

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BUT what makes me more excited is THIS!


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oh MAN, I´m soooo gonna do the Jamie Oliver move!


  1. aiyo, i thought u wud bring a roti canai pan over ;p

  2. Lianne,

    Can I have your crepe recipe...please? The recipe I have is too tedious. What is the ration between flour and water? Do you put salt in the batter?

    Thank you so much...

  3. Jun - not possible lehhh .. sooo big! lol

    mimid - ahhh, i should have done a `take a guess what this is`´ huh .. coz everyone seems to think its roti canai! lol

    sha - water and flour is about 5/1, salt is optional and no harm lah. adjust taste to liking like sugar if you wanna make dessert crepe. good luck!


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