Wednesday, 27 August 2008


Way back in April, Juergen´s gang presented me a gift basket with all kinds of wonderful goodies to welcome me to Ahaus. Remember that occassion? We claimed the dining voucher the following week, I took some photo and forgot everything about it until a while ago when I was searching through archives. Getting old, getting oldddd ...

Back to the restaurant ... Drebber is a well known restaurant located near Ahaus Theatre compleks. Sort of like in West End London where you find all kinds of restaurant offering threats just before one go watch their show. But of course, the restaurant list here is much shorter and menu not as extensive but it is known to serve authentic German food, and sounds good to me.

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We started the dinner with a glass of Reisling Rivana each (Euro3.60 for two glasses), which we find a bit on sour side. It was not as smooth as the one we stock at home. But nice to have with our meal though.

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Had some breads with yoghurt dip. Yoghurt seems to be the IN thing here in Ahaus.
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We ordered the main first Schlemmerrpanne (Euro25.60 for two plates) which came with pasta underneath in cream cheese sauce, and top with a hugeee slab of pork schnitzel. Both of us decided to try the same dish. The portion were sooo huge and filling and like what the waitress had earlier mention, one portion is good for two person! But we though we can manage and still squeeze in a dessert ... how wrong.

I though this dish were a bit too heavy on the cream side but overall, its taste were homely and freshly prepared. The pork schnitzel were tender and flavourful and I managed to finish everythingggg ...
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BURPPPP ... we were so full after that and could hardly move. Something about the cheese and pasta and the meat combination ...

We stayed on for a while before settling down the bill. It came down to a total of less than 30E voucher value, inclusive of wine. Well, I don´t think we can dine in KL for RM30.00, can we?

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After our dinner, we walked back home. The restaurant were 10 minutes away from home and we sure were glad that we did not drive here coz we needed the walk badly.

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