Saturday, 19 July 2008

Ipoh Hor Fun


My friend Joyce took me to this corner coffeeshop facing Corono Inn one day and loved their version of Ipoh Hor Fun. Luckily this time, and getting smarter and smarter ... I took a photo of their signboard. The coffeeshop's called Ching Hai Restaurant and it is just around the corner of Jalan Alor, if you're not familiar with Corona Inn hotel.

I love their hor fun as it's soft and slurpable (comparable to the one infront of Seapark Market), but why I liked it further was, prawns were fresh and springy AND, the poached chicken were not smelly. The former one in Seapark is not bad but I get sooo turned off by the chicken smell.

The small bowl cost a whopping RM6.00 though. Priceyyyyy.


  1. yea.. i know wot u mean! i hate 'tesco smelling' chicken! chicken from the wet market is the best.. no smell :D

  2. I had written about this's one of my fave places to eat when I come to this area.


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