Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Tea For Two, Jalan Bangkung

Well, well .. how am I going to blog about this coz, its two weeks ago and frankly, I can't remember how the food tasted already! Besides, I was preoccupied with many things like catching up with the girls, got distracted by the kids, busy snapping photos, forgot to note the name of the dishes and its prices so basically, I haven't got much content for this post at all except for some photos. But sometimes, photo speaks louder than words ... eh?

We ate these in Tea for Two, Jalan Bangkung during Oysterette meet up.

Its for Lye's birthday, welcome Elaine back and Farewell for me.

Tiga Dalam Satu ... hows that!!!

And this ... some kinda Fish Soup. Not too bad but I remembered it to be a bit sour.

Pumpkin Soup. Lye said it was very unique.

Lye had lamb with bacon, over rice with something something, and she said it's good.

Yoong had Mango Steak something something. She also said its good.

This was what I ordered. Some chicken pieces in Tarragon Sauce with Mushroom (obviously lah) and I loved it very much. Chicken were tender, and the sauce were creamy, and delicate.

I can't remember who had this. Its either Shirley or Elaine.

Ah .. birthday girl straight from 3 days/3 nights of managing Hennessy Event in Bukit Kiara and came with green, swollen eyes from lack of sleep! Can still smile and attend Breast Cancer Charity function in Westin after that wor .... I salute!

The supermum turn Hongkie mummy wannabe (check out the hair colour!). The kids surely had fun that day, check out Colin Boy trying to instruct the other camera woman something! You ahhhh ... not like dat. Its like this ...

And they love my Passionfruit and Mango Cheesecake ;-p

PHEWWWWWWW! Hopefully, no tummy upset!

Monday, 28 July 2008

Crystal Jade, Pavilion

Remember a couple of weeks back when I was at Pavillion with my sis? The one where I ended up shopping and buying on impulse but got pretty excited with the buy nonetheless?

We took a break in Crystal Jade come lunchtime, and these were what we ate. It was a simple lunch but after all the damage done at the shops, I can't help feeling the pinch forking out RM70 over just for the following.

Hongkong Kailan, which were fat, crunchy and juicy. Its good stuff of course, no doubt but at the back of my mind I was having this mental image of making this myself and not having to pay so much for it. Oh noooo, I'm sooo aunty nowadays.

Siu Yoke which had super crunchy skin, and that's all I love about it. It was nicely roasted, and the first two pieces went down well with my noodles and all but after that, I can't help feeling jelak over the layers of fatty pork lying in between. FAT STUFF!

Wantan Mee was ala Hongkong style with hugeeeee shrimp wantan hidden underneath the noodles. This I felt, were the most worthy of the lot. The soup was delicate and fragrat, and noodles were springy. Loved it.

My sis didn't say much about the noodles, but from the look of the face, I can tell that she's not too impressed. Ouch.

Guess what we did next? More shopping of course .. and all for the reason that we NEED to burn off those fats we consumed earlier!

Kein problem!

No Evidence of Sodomy ...


Our dear Malaysia Kini man, got hold of the report. The biggest twist to our recent political drama is, there wasn't any sodomy evidence during medical examination! Someone's gonna get fried soon!

Incase you're wondering if the report is authentic, or is there such a doctor (of which he had gone Bala!), here's the link to his registered detail.

Let's watch our latest Drama Minggu Ini ...

Saturday, 26 July 2008

My Blog Got Featured Today!

It was just two nights ago when Ivy shared me stories about how her blog got featured in The Star Newspaper and all I remembered was sitting in the passenger seat wishing my blog getting feature as well.

And guess what! Tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! It happened today.


God must be listening to my wishes! Isn't that amazinggggg????!!!

Thanks Ju for the update! You sure are quick with the latest happening!

Check out the rest of the article here.

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Rak Thai, Amcorp Mall

Me and dad will without fail take the opportunity to do a bit of grocery shopping in Amcorp Mall whenever we arrive early to pick up my sis. Although the resident supermarket supply pales in comparison to others, somehow, we always manage to come out laden with bags of groceries. But since we had more than half an hour to spare one of the days, I decided to go check out this Malaysian Thai restaurant, located just outside of Giant Supermarket.

Instead of ala carte where you pick whatever you fancy, I opted for set for it came with a plate of appetiser, main and dessert for the price of approximately RM16++


The Appetiser Platter that arrived was kinda huge. There's two pieces of everything from Fish Cake, Pandan Leaf Chicken, and err .. I'd forgotten what's the one on the right (but I remember it as very tasty and soft!). Beneath it lies a bed of mango salad. I love the tasty fishcake, but thought nothing of the chicken. It was not very fresh, and kinda powdery. The salad beneath were quite shiok though. Sour and spicy at the same time, it was perfect to go with the fried appetiser to balance things off.

* Gulp*

My chosen main of Pineapple Fried Rice came in a pineapple husk leh. I wonder how many times have they recycled this? I was very tempted to check underneath the banana leaf but decided to stop *see no evil, see no evil*

One the rice, it was mediocre with strong taste of kunyit powder. But it was rather tasty, though ingredients were nothing to shout about. Prawns and chicken slices weren't that fresh.

Luckily, this bowl of Red Ruby save the day. Not only I had so much satisfaction munching on the water chestnut pieces, I simply love the sago pearl combo here too for it provided a nice glutinous texture. Yum!

My verdict .. hmmm, I would come back for the dessert, and dishes that does not require fresh produce like the chicken pieces and prawns. The rest are fine.

Sunday, 20 July 2008

Yishenshu Vegetarian Restaurant, One Utama


How was your weekend?

Mine was packed, from back to back. I was downtown with sis for a hair cut which turned out well for me, but my sis absolutely hated hers *sigh*. After that, we headed across to Pavilion, drop our pendant and necklace to Thomas Sabo for a lil polish first before anything else. But this time round, we did not hang around long because each time we do that, we will burn $$$ further.

We headed over to The Loaf shortly to claim my RM10.00 credit, but only to be told that I need to activitate the claim when I fill up my particulars on their website (damn, sooo mah fan!). My sis wanted to check out some maternity wear in Top Shop, but guess what .. I ended up with a beautiful white, loose hanging blouse which was absolutely adorable! Our sudden shopping did not end there after me grabbing a pair of jeans which fitted me like a glove at only RM30 in KL Plaza's FOS outlet! Apparently, they are moving out so things are being slashed or markdown like crazy. But that's not all, we hop over to Zara next and that's it! Zara is our weakness ... really and to our excitement, the whole store were going crazy with furher markdown! Fortunately, I was quite disciplined lah and only walked out with a black trench coat. I have been looking for the perfect trench coat for years, but just could not find the justification for it but now, I have found it. So, happy lah ... albeit a bit broke now *grin*

That evening, I promise to bring mum and dad to a restaurant in 1 Utama, to celebrate mum's belated birthday. The thing is, she celebrates her chinese ones only and me being banana, had again, failed to recognise the actual date until way later. Mum, was happy neitherless and by 6pm, she was all dolled up and ready for her meal. Oh, did I tell you that my mum lovessssss food?

Yishenshu was 3/4 packed when we arrive. The front liner urshered us straight to our reserved table at a corner, and I could not been more please as it was more private than the rest.

I was left with the decision to order whatever and this was what we ate.

Seaweed and Seafood Soup (RM8) which came in a hugeeee bowl, full of seaweed, vegetables and mock prawns. The soup was sweet, and I reckon its due to MSG for soon after, me and sis were gulping down water like no one's business.

My dad adored their Homemade Tofu with Fish Paste (RM18). It was very soft and fresh, and tasted every bit what fresh tofu is suppose too. Its sauce of sweet, salty and fragrant went really well.

For green leafy, I picked Kailan cooked in the simpliest method. It would have been better if its Hong Kong Kailan where its stems are fat, crunchy and juicy. But this is not too bad, for its fresh and crunchy.

All of us could not have enough of this! Their Oatmeal Prawn (RM18) were soooo good! The oats were crunchy, fragrant, perfectly cooked and not oily at all and of course, the mocked prawn tasted heavenly with its smokey flavour imparted from the oats.

The Sizzling Grilled Fish (RM28) was the special of the day and we just had to order them as it sounded really good. And so, it was the last to arrive and when it did, it arrived with a bang. My sis were almost in tears and all of us nearly choked, for the sauce were absolutely spicy. But once the sizzle dies down, we devoured every little corner of the griller and scooped out every morsel on this hot plate. Oh boy, it was such a fabulous choice for the sambal sauce were so good on its own and few of us whacked extra rice to go with the sauce.

We did not order any dessert for my mum's prohibited to have them and we didn't want her to salivate while we have ours. The bill came up to about RM100.00 for 4 adults and 1 child, which I find reasonable for such food quality and quantity.

Perhaps, I shall arrange for another family dinner when me/J return in November eh? Or is there a better vegetarian restaurant around?

Saturday, 19 July 2008

Why I believe Anwar is not guilty by K.Bing

This is a good article ...

First of all, I must say that I do not possess any information which is not already public knowledge. However, I have been following news of the new sodomy allegation against Anwar closely and I’m analysing this from the perspective of ‘reasonable behaviour’ and ‘balance of probability.’ Here are the reasons why I think Anwar is not guilty.

1. Is Anwar gay? A person who has fathered six children has established his sexual orientation firmly. Bisexuality is very rare and in any case he does not fit the mould. He has a loving family and his wife is standing steadfastly by him which says a lot.

2. The highly controversial sodomy conviction of 1998 failed to convince most people. A person in a position of power who allegedly cannot control himself to even keep away from his wife’s driver, must have a string of partners. One must ask, why has nobody else come out of the woodwork? Why was it necessary to coerce false confessions from two of his associates?

3. A person on the cusp of attaining political power would not be so stupid as to risk everything. If indeed one assumes that he cannot control his urge, where are the others that he may have violated or other consensual partners? With multiple partners, it’s a secret which is almost impossible to keep for a public figure.

4. Anwar’s anger and outrage at the new allegation is exactly how a wronged person will react. His body language when he speaks of the issue is consistent with his words.

5. When news broke of the police report against him, Anwar took refuge at the Turkish embassy. I believe he did so as he feared immediate arrest and not so much a threat on his life. This shows that Anwar believes there is a conspiracy against him rather than a private complaint which would not warrant immediate arrest. A guilty person would immediately assume it’s a private complaint.

6. Saiful’s resignation e-mail to Anwar did not suggest he had been sodomised and traumatised by his boss. This e-mail has not been denied by him.

7. The notion that a 61-year-old man can force himself on a 23-year-old youth is unthinkable. If threats were used, what can Anwar possibly threaten him with as he is not in a position of power?

Is there a conspiracy against Anwar? I believe there is for the following reasons.

1. The accuser, Saiful was obviously closely connected with Umno and has been photographed with a few Umno leaders including an aide to the deputy prime minister.

2. Saiful is obviously pro-Umno as had been revealed by his online postings. Why then did he induct himself into PKR as a volunteer if not for some ulterior motive?

3. His visit to the DPM’s office a few months before the incident was explained as him having gone there to apply for a scholarship. This is a very awkward explanation. As a college dropout, Saiful was not in the market for a scholarship and in any case, the DPM’s office is the wrong department to go.

And why would a scholarship applicant have his photograph taken with a senior aide? One must ask, why is it necessary to obfuscate and conceal the real purpose of his visit?

4. Najib at first denied he had ever met Saiful and later admitted that he met Saiful at his residence when a traumatised and sodomised Saiful came to ask for his advice. Why did Najib first deny and then admit later when under pressure? Was he trying to conceal something?

5. Najib said he listened to Saiful’s story and told him it’s up to him whether he wants to lodge a police report or not. This is not credible. Wouldn’t Najib have jumped at the opportunity to discredit his political nemesis and insist that Saiful make a police report?

It is wrong for anybody - much less a minister - who has been told a crime not to bring it to the attention of the law enforcement agencies. Why is Najib giving unbelievable explanations? Is he trying to divert all thoughts away from a conspiracy and overdoing it?

6. Najib said that Saiful visited him a few days before he made his police report. The report was made on Saturday and the sodomy was alleged to have occurred on Thursday. This means Saiful could only have visited Najib on Friday, one day before he made his report.

This is stretching the definition of ‘a few days’ to breaking point. Establishing when the meeting actually took place will shed light on the veracity of the allegation.

7. How easy is it for an ordinary person to drop in and see the DPM at his residence or office on such short notice? If he has been sexually violated, there is no need to hawk his allegation to politicians first before going to the police.

8. Saiful’s smiling and confident demeanor when he emerged a few days after his police report certainly does not indicate a man who has been sodomised and traumatised.

9. Saiful’s public challenge to Anwar to swear his innocence on the Quran is unbecoming of a real victim who would be expected to feel depressed and keep a low profile rather than play politics.
To round it up, let me deal with some objections.

1. It is too outrageous to imagine that Umno would weave a sodomy conspiracy against Anwar again as nobody would believe it.

Do you think negative public opinion will stop them? Umno controls the AG’s chambers, the police, the judiciary all of which are sufficient to convict a man of trumped-up charges. For good measure, they also control the mainstream press.

2. The allegations will increase sympathy for Anwar so a conspiracy is unlikely.
On the contrary, it could well discredit Anwar. The tactic could backfire but it is not beyond politicians to miscalculate the effects of their action.

3. Anwar stands to gain the most from it so Anwar must have planned all this.
Isn’t this even more outrageous than the above? No need to waste words on this.

4. Why sodomy again? Isn’t the script 10 years old?
What else can they pin on Anwar? He is not outwardly corrupt. A legal conviction is the most efficient way to get Anwar out of the political scene for good. After serving the sentence, he will have to wait another five years before running for public office by which time he may be too old to have any political ambition.

5. It is too transparent as Saiful has been photographed with high-level Umno politicians.
The plot may have been hatched after all those photographs. We have to be realistic, there are not many candidates who would do this.

6. Why did PKR take in a person without background checks?
He volunteered at a time when PKR was desperately short of staff. Once in, a person is not easily dislodged even when his previous pro-Umno leaning is known. There’s always the notion of fair play and judging a person by his work rather than his past.

In conclusion, when events really happen, details automatically fall into place. When there’s nothing to hide, explanations do not create more questions. A person’s demeanour and facial expression is a reflection of his inner thoughts.

All the bits and pieces collected together can create a complete picture. The picture is not complete but it is complete enough for me to decide that on the balance of probabilities, the incident never happened and Anwar is again facing another political conspiracy

BTW, forensic experts and doctors etc ... how long can a DNA last? The last I understand, its forever and WHY they claim that DSAI's DNA is no longer usable? Is it because it had been tempered with, or they plan to do something with the fresh DNA?

What say you?

Ipoh Hor Fun


My friend Joyce took me to this corner coffeeshop facing Corono Inn one day and loved their version of Ipoh Hor Fun. Luckily this time, and getting smarter and smarter ... I took a photo of their signboard. The coffeeshop's called Ching Hai Restaurant and it is just around the corner of Jalan Alor, if you're not familiar with Corona Inn hotel.

I love their hor fun as it's soft and slurpable (comparable to the one infront of Seapark Market), but why I liked it further was, prawns were fresh and springy AND, the poached chicken were not smelly. The former one in Seapark is not bad but I get sooo turned off by the chicken smell.

The small bowl cost a whopping RM6.00 though. Priceyyyyy.

Dessert Bar, Solaris Mont Kiara

I tagged along my sis to Solaris last weekend for Ashleen's Kindermuzik class. It was my first time at Solaris or Soho (what's the difference?), and I was blowned away by this development! The place did not feel Malaysian at all, infact it reminded me more of either Singapore, Hongkong or Canary Wharf in London for that matter.

Although there were several F&B establishments sprouting here, I had only about an hour to check out the place. I went to check out Cold Storage, supposedly the biggest in Malaysia that I bump into Trisha and Alan (FBB's friend) ... *wave hand*

Afterwhich, me and sis went to check out Dessert Bar, which was just minutes walk away from Cold Storage.

The place was a typical hangout place, with art adorning their wall and magazines were abundantly scattered around to encourage you to hang out longer.


Sadly, their seater were hard and uncomfortable. It looked good no doubt, but failed miserably in this department. The table does not make sense too. There weren't any space for us to insert out feet into, and the table kept on moving around as it was a few pieces joint together to form one table.

Moving on to dessert, I had their Berries Pannacotta (RM12, I think). The pannacotta were creamy, perfectly chilled and not too sweet. But that's about it. The berries that came with it were frozen still, but thankfully, the saving grace were strawberries which were on the sweeter side.

My sis had Raisin Waffle with Pistachio Ice Cream (RM9, I think). I though they did a great job with the waffle, with crusty outer and soft, chewy inner. The ice cream were delicious too.

Needless to say, I nicked my sister's waffle quite a bit as it was better than my selection. We finished shortly and made our way back to Kindermuzik to pick her up.

My simple morning with hit and miss dessert affair *wink*

Thursday, 17 July 2008

I MUST eat these before I leave ...

Damnnn .. am salivating already!

Top of my list and of which I've been stuffing myself silly lately for breakfast and lunch; Nasi Lemak Bungkus, a packet so simple and humble but packs a punch!

Penang Assam Laksa from this little van infront of Seapark Market

Roberts Char Kuey Teow in Section 17

Har Kow Chee Cheong Fun from either Section 14 Corner Coffeeshop, or Petaling Street

O&S Coffeeshop's Curry Laksa ... slurppppp

Section 17's Wantan Mee, my regular order ...

A good plate of Or Chien from Kota Damansara Coffeeshop

Fish Head Beehon from this corner shop in Damansara Utama

New Seaview Coffeeshop Bak Chang ... yummmmm

A good plate of Satay Kajang, found right in the middle of bustling Damansara Uptown

Durian Cendol from Penang Village ... yum yummmmm

Popiah from The Coffeeshop formerly known as Chow Yang.

Keropok Lekur from where ever ... they always taste pretty consistent anyway so ...

Claypot Chicken Rice behind O&S Coffeeshop ... by this old man. I'm not sure if he's still there but worth giving a try coz his is the BEST.

and last but not least ... Crab and Seafood from King Crab! I'm sooo excited to meet up with you guys! See you next Friday! Hopefully no jam *praying hard*

That's like equivalent to 10kg of weight gain? Muahahahaha .. I don't care ...


Saturday, 12 July 2008

Bora Asmara


It was an afternoon like any other Saturday. Wake up at 8am, roll around the bed until I get sick of it before staggering to the bathroom to freshen myself up. My tummy were drumming vigorously, a result of late night snacking from the previous night.

I shall have something light. There's heavy lunch later, I reminded myself.


Lunch Time

With less than 10 minutes, I was seated in a romantic, tranquiled Balinese restaurant with Joyce. The sound of gamelan music greeted us at the doorstep, while soft wind from the surrounding caressed us gently. I needed a quiet break badly, and Joyce being a dear friend, knew exactly that.

The unlimited flow of Sirap Selasih quinched our thirst

Selection of Ulam and Sambal Belacan to open up our appetite. The sambal was really good. It was spicy, kicking and pretty smelly.

Bora Asmara offers a few variety of set lunches during the day and Joyce opted for their Beef Rendang main. She loved it for its spiciness and tenderness.

My set lunch came with Ikan Pari Kari. Again here, it was spicy, tender and fresh.

Their set lunches came with unlimited refill of white rice and sirap selasih but too bad, we stopped at first place as both of us were on a mission to loose some weight. Since we had little rice, we were glad that its set lunches came with a plate of succulent, fresh and oh sooo flavourful Ayam Goreng. I finished the whole plate with no problem.

It also came with Roast Beef to share, but since I don't take beef, Joyce finished them all.

To finish off, New York Cheesecake to share. Another winner.

The bill came up to a mere RM42.00 for the two of us. I love the ambience and the food here, and fortunately, its just 10 minutes from my home in Sunway/Kota Damansara.

Where's this place?

Lot 2933, Kg Sg Penchala, Jalan Damansara
60000 Kuala Lumpur
Tel : 03 7726 0964