Thursday, 5 June 2008

Are you ready for change?

Today, Malaysian woke up to a big shock. Our petrol and diesel price had increased to a dramatic 40% higher than last night!

And my immediate reaction was, our oil prices are the highest amongst the oil producing nation of the world now! Bravo!!! Malaysia Boleh!

Why is this happening? WHY!!!!!

Our car's are already being taxed heavily when we purchase them, hence isn't that enough revenue for the government?

Now that our petrol had increased, what's gonna happen to our public transportation? Will they increase their prices along? Otherwise, how they gonna survive? Will there be better transportation infrastructure? If yes, how fast? What's gonna happen now?

The question is, how bad will this impact our lifestyle from now on? Will you be driving to work with an empty car from now on? Will you seek alternative transportation? Will you cut down on your lifestyle? How will it impact you as a fellow food blogger? Will you be cutting down on your dining experiences?

I have been a bit cautious after experiencing higher food prices lately, but its only a temporary thing for I'll be moving to Germany soon. Thankfully, dining and grocery is not as steep as here but of course, that's to compare a dollar to a dollar. But since I'm here still, I can't help feeling the pinch and the disappointment everyone is feeling right now. Couple with the recent disaster in Myanmar and China which saw so many people homeless and without food overnight - a bit chunk of me felt really bad and guilthy for taking pleasure in food now.

Are you feeling the same as me?

The question is, with the rise of fuel everywhere around the world and the disaster which is striking every corner's of the earth ... how will this change food blogging content? How is it going to change my food blog content from now on too, I ponder ...


  1. yeah, 40% is a quite a sum. only consolation is the annual RM625 rebate? can cover previous petrol expenses of RM150/month.
    as for food posts, probably nothing much will change, but certainly prudent when it comes to ordering.

  2. wah, that's some serious reflection there. my practice is: never ever waste food! :)

  3. this is crazy... heard it's gonna rise again o around RM4/litre in August!!

  4. Yes, we all have to find ways to survive somehow :|

    Hi, I am Desmond from

    I would like to invite you to join our food project. If you are interested, do contact me at info[at]malaysiamostwanted

    (dot)com so that I could update you with more detail :)

  5. Luckily am also moving away soon. Dollar for's only ~ AUD1.30 per liter in Australia!! Just can't wait to earn AUD!

  6. j2kfm - i know, the rebate is useless. i'm so clueless and insulted that the government actually though we're buying all these bullshit and rebate incentive .. puiiiiiiiii

    nic - yup, yup ... things are never the same as before.

    christine - RM4!!! WHAT!!!!

    d_luazz - sure, will drop you a note :-) thanks! am not sure if everyone will find a way, but very certain that crime rate will be higher and moral will be lower.

    ivy - i know, i'm glad too but i'm sad coz family is here after all. petrol is not cheap in germany too at Euro 1.90 per litre but, they have a lot of options. Public transport is cheap and efficient, and they have car pool initiative programs. Here .. NOTHING!

  7. aug every body is dying!! too sad.. heard tat bumiputra got 70cents off!! @#$%^&

  8. WHAT! why the 70% off? Playing racist card again??? Sheeshhhhh ... we are sooo damneeeed! Getting screwed over and over again :-(


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