Monday, 23 June 2008

My Favourite Sunday Morning Breakfast


I love mine from the coffeeshop next to the famous Wantan Mee in Section 17 which I'd earlier blogged about. Can't remember the name of this coffeeshop though, sorry. One thing for sure, this stall is pretty popular and I'd usually have to wait up to about 15 - 20 minutes for my bowl of Pork Noodle.

SLURRRRPILICIOUS like a blended drink!


  1. your sunday morn bfast looks damn good! my fav bfast is SAT bfast.. an early morning run, which ends up down to the local wet market with the man.. then unwind with the tong-sui(and cool down).. then whack the curry laksa/yau char kuai/wantan mee/chee yok mien.. tapau nyonya cakes. What gluttons.. harhar :P

  2. I like the meat rolls (siu chiong) in my pork noodle. Normally i'll request for "ka liu" - add pork ball & meat rolls :P

  3. Is it Lucky Seafood or Wah Cheong?


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