Saturday, 28 June 2008


  • I have tonnes of stuff I wanna bring over to Germany but have only 20kg luggage space - cookbooks, my collection of chic lit which I've not read, 30 pairs of shoes, cooking ingredients, cooking/bakeware, special gifts, photos, clothes, CDs, favourite magazine, his gifts, accessories, over 10 bottles of perfumes and more. Headache.
  • I have yet to revisit some of my favourite makan joint, and if I don't do now, I won't be able to do so until 3 months down the road.
  • Some of my friends have no idea I'm moving away soon. We should catch up before I leave.
  • I voluntered to organise a July birthday party. It will be a simple do, but filled with gorgeous food, which means that, hunting for gorgeous supply is necessary. Headache.
  • My german language proficiency is very low, still. I'm stressed over it coz its not an easy language to pick up. What's with du, der, das? Headache.
  • REMEMBER to install and TEST out my webcam before leaving. Assign a day and time with Dad and Ashleen to log on and chat.
  • Set up E-bay account to sell off unwanted item. Where shall I start? Headache.
  • Look out for cheaper airticket. I paid RM3,400 to Amsterdam in April 2008 and its now over RM5,000 to Frankfurt? KLM/Armsterdam cost more than RM5,600 now! DAMN IT energy speculators!!!
  • Find out the best and CHEAPEST way to transfer money over from Germany.
  • Where can I get an official testiment to declare that I'm single? Need them for marriage registration in Germany. Info appreciated.
  • Do I need to convert my driving license? My man wants me to drive to Dusseldorf for my classes in November IN our chunkyyyy Passat. *faint* Have you driven on the other side of road before? I have ones in Italy's highway and nearly got into accident. Serious.
  • BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY ... what am I going to do with Allaboutyum? No more Malaysian food review. *sob sob*
  • There's more but I'm jammed up. Thanks Cheng Yi for the Choya/Whisky/Sake/Siew Yoke for that lethal concoction! Didn't know you're such a drama queen *grin* Or was that due to the drink?

----> ATTEND FAREWELL GATHERING! Thanks WMW for reminding me *glad to have kinda headache*

Cest La Vie!

Stay calm as how my man tells me all the time. I shall distract myself a bit here with ... Fooddddd. The wonders of it.

Don't believe me? Wait till you try Precious Pea's Roast Duck! Had them during Christine's Farewell Party in NeWay 1 Utama and I am still salivating till today just thinking of it. Say, I have another list to add up there. What's the title of the book that has this recipe Ivy? *sweat* coz more things to do.


Looks good. Does it taste good Christine? Chris, stayyy calm and stop jumping on the couch!

Corn! Remind me of Camerons!

Was this mine or was this Nic's? Oops, I mean Hairy Berry.

I think this was mine. Taste were so-so lah.

Someone's pizza. Can't remember coz I'm not much of a multi-tasker. Means, listening to songs, eating and remembering who ate what.

This I remembered! It was mine!

I have to go do some stuff now. Keeping this short ... Ciaoooo! And oh, I must die, dieeee watch tonight's GERMANY versus Spain. Needless to say, you know who I'm supporting lah.

p/s : errr Christine, do you happen to have a checklist of what to do before leaving? If yes, can pinjam?


  1. Eh...preparing now already??? Must go out for some more gatherings...list that on one of the things you must do :p

  2. bon voyage dahleng.. and congrats! post wedding pictures .. lol :)

  3. the singing was definitely more fun than the food hor, that day? hehehe...

    RM5000+? gosh, it's really crazy...sigh...

  4. Hi Lianne,
    My name's Chai Leng, formerly from KL. Married and moved to the Netherlands 7.5 years ago.

    Well, I would think that there are lots of similarity in procedures between Germany and the Netherlands. I've got some experience with moving to a foreign country and could share them with you, if you like.

    Anyway, if you're too busy, it's ok. You can always contact me if you need a friend nearby (in the Netherlands, I mean).

    Good luck in your preparation and have fun with the rest of your stay in KL/PJ.

    Have enjoyed your blogs for quite sometime now. Keep it up, if possible. Maybe to continue with German Food!! :-)

    Best regards,
    Chai Leng

    PS: How can I leave my email address without the whole world seeing it? :-)

  5. Don't stress yourself! Just take it easy and in no time, you'll be in Germany. Allaboutyum can still continue in Germany too....

  6. Lianne~~ we must catch up b4 u leave!

  7. wmw - I have added! I'm planning for something soon, will keep you all posted and all are welcome ;-p

    Mei - thankssss! I read that you're a fan of german beer! hop over! lol

    Nic - the food were truely .. hmm, forgettable. I enjoyed Ivy's roast duck though but too bad, not enuf! Speaking of that, what happen to Ivy's roast duck session ah?

    Oh Chai Leng! I do, I need and I'd loveee to meet up with ya! Anytime coz believe it or not,there's only 1 other asian in Ahaus town and its just a different feeling. Do drop me a mail at Add me on your IM too, if you're there! Would loveee to chat with you.

    Boo - cannot help it lol, and more are building up each day. If all goes as plan, I will be back in Oct to complete the rest BUT, the migration rulling might change and if that's the case, I will only be back again next year. So, have to prepare for the latter.

    Jason - YES, WE HAVE TOO! I'm organising something. Will update you guys once its firm!

    Will miss ya all!

  8. Hi Lianne,

    Well I guess you have to go to the national registra to ask them lor. I guess since they are the one who we register our IC with and then hop over to the marriage registration office and ask them to issue you a letter saying that you are single and not married lor and also you have to register your marriage in Malaysia too with J if not they will fine you. I got fined so I know. Also for conversion of your driving license since we malaysian are driving right hand side I think maybe you will have to sit for your driving test there. In Brunei I have to get a letter from JPJ to authenticate my driving license before they allow me to convert my driving license...part of the application. Best you enquire frm J or the embassy lor.

    Promise you keep in touch with me. Lots of hugs and Kisses.
    Miss you lots.

  9. Keng Loi, where is Marriage Registration office lah? And why do I need to go to the National Registrar office for? Need any certification from them? Yeah, I know, me and J will register our marriage here when we come back for Chinese New year. Anything that we need to bring? Birth cert or something? Driving license is okay, I've consulted a lady whom married a german also. They allow us to use it for a year, afterwhich we have to take a test. Strange isn't it?

  10. Hi Lianne,
    There's a marriage registration office at Thean Hou temple, Off Jln Syed Putra KL. Tel: 03-22747088.
    Dolf and I got registered here.

    What I did and what you can do. Best that you get in touch with the German Embassy in KL for more info before you proceed further.

    You go to National Registration office anywhere (I went to the Campbell Complex KL one) for a copy of birth cert (got mine for RM5/copy on the spot). 1 advice that you get 2 copies. You need this piece of paper, it's very important. I find it much cheaper to get married in M'sia than in the Netherlands. Well, how can I explain?

    I would think that 1stly, J must apply for a visa for you to come to live in Germany as his partner. Once it is approved then you can stay for a max. no. of years - e.g. 1 year. Renewable after that. After a certain no. of yrs. you can ask for PR status.

    If you get married in M'sia, you need:
    1. birth cert (both parties) with translation
    2. single status (both parties) with translation
    3. 1 passport sized photo (both parties)
    4. 1 marriage form - abt 2 months process period (or ask Thean Hou when you call to make appointment date)

    He needs the same as above 1-3; 1 & 2 have to be translated to English by a certified by Ministry of Foreign Affairs notary, and then documents have to certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and then certified by the Embassy of M'sia in Germany, in this order. He brings all these documents to M'sia to get married.

    Vice versa for you You need the same as above 1-3; 1 & 2 have to be translated to English by a certified by Ministry of Foreign Affairs notary (I had mine done by a personnel at High Court, Jln Sultan Abd Samad, KL), and then documents have to certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and then certified by the Embassy of Germany in M'sia. You bring all these documents to Germany to get married.

    I did all these 7.5 years ago when I got married to a Dutch in KL.

    After getting the Marriage Cert, I did the whole process as above. It was much cheaper this way for us. When I move to Holland, my husband and I registered me (with the certified marriage cert) at the Municipal Council at Townhall where he lives.

    I hope this helps.
    Chai Leng


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