Monday, 12 May 2008

Section 17 Hong Seng's Char Siu, Siu Yoke Rice


I confessed whole heartedly that, this plate of Char Siu & Siu Yoke Rice is amongst the best I've come across for the longest time. The Siu Yoke comes with super crunchy skin, with a delightful melt in your mouth, salty meat texture where else its Char Siu had a wonderful, light caramalised flavour that lingers in your mouth. The meat texture, again, were tender.

Some said that Meng Kee Char Siew is better, but I'd rate Hong Seng higher. I find the lighter texture more refine and elegant.

Oh! And the chilli ROCKS!


  1. I love the siu yoke here. When paired with the kiam chai buay, I am in heaven.

  2. omg where is it? cant resist good char siu!

  3. Yes, their siu yoke rocks. Go a bit later, and you'll have to come earlier tomorrow.

  4. the mistress also not bad, you got to try ! lol!

  5. Boo - good idea! but if one eat kiam chai buay, than must have kiam ark nui also lol

    KBCG - the coffeeshop is the one next to CIMB Bank in Section 17, Former Sentosa Cinema area ... look out for Hong Seng Restaurant.

    Simon - I knowwwww, now that I've tried, I'm really hooked!

    BBO - lol, aiya .. today me a bit blur .. mistress means what ah?

  6. the char siu does look pretty tempting ...


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