Thursday, 29 May 2008

King Crab Fundraising Charity Dinner for Sichuan Earthquake Relief Fund

UPDATED 29th May 2008

Dear fellow bloggers and friends,

Do come join us for glorious food, while contributing a bit to charity. The excerps taken from Precious Pea's blog.

The King Crab Restaurant will be organising a series of charity dinner drive to raise fund for the China Sichuan Earthquake Relief Fund. All the banquet food and drink will be fully sponsored by King Crab as all proceeds will be fully donated to the relief fund.

The donation amount per ticket is RM100 or RM1,000 per table (10 tickets).

Details of the dinners are as follows:

Restoran King Crab PJ
7:30pm, Tuesday, 3rd June 2008, 40 tables in 1st floor banquet hall.
7:30pm, Wednesday, 4th June 2008, 40 tables in 1st floor banquet hall.
Add: 103-107, Jalan SS25/2, Taman Mewah Jaya, PJ
Tel: 03-7803.6999
Location map: Click here

Restoran King Crab JB
7:30pm, Thursday, 5th June 2008, 60 tables in 1st floor banquet hall.Add: No. 1 & 1A, 3 & 3A, Jalan Harmonium 23/12, Taman Desa Tebrau, JB
Tel: 07-351.3333

If you are free, please do make time to support the dinner. Also would appreciate if you could help spread the words.I will be attending the 3 June session with a few fellow food bloggers and those who are interested to join us, please let PreciousPea know so that she could arrange for us to sit together at the same table.

Dedicated to the brave people in Sichuan Earthquake, 2008

An earthquake, magnitude 8.0, struck Sichuan province of China at 2.28PM, May 12, 2008. The epicentre of the earthquake, Wenchuan, is about 90 miles from Chengdu. The earthquake released more energy than 500 atomic bombs, 30 times more than the Kobe earthquake in Japan, 1995. By May 19, there are more than 32,000 confirmed dead, more than 20,000 still missing, and more than 4.7 million houses collapsed or heavily damaged.

Cities close to the epicenter are flattened; whole mountain collapsed.


Millions of people lost their beloved ones, their homes, their belongings. Yet, there is no looting, no complaints, just people helping each other (CNN)

Within hours, people rushed to rescue. Blood donation lines run for 100 yards, and people waited hours to donate blood; within 24 hours, all major blood banks ran out of storage space. The highway to the earthquake struck city Dujianyang (20 miles from Chengdu) was almost jammed one hour after the earthquake, not by people feeling the aftershocks, but by volunteers, led by over 1,000 taxi drivers, came from Chengdu to rescue.

Chen Guangbiao, owner of a big construction company 1,500 miles from the disaster area, just 2 hours 30 minutes after the earthquake, started transporting 60 construction machineries and led 120 volunteers to rescue. The arrived at the disaster area 24 hours later, almost the same time as Army Engineering Corp.

Medical workers provided care under extreme conditions; they even delivered many new born babies on the parking lot.

Wen Jiabao(温家宝), 66, Chinese Prime Minister, boarded on a plane 30 minutes after the earthquake, and arrived in disaster area in 2 hours. He has been the chief of the rescue operation since then, working almost around clock at the frontline with rescue workers.

1,1000 paratroopers started boarding airplanes 2 hours after earthquake. Despite heavy rain, high wind and thick cloud, they jumped from over 20,000 foot high to remote mountain areas where they did not even know if there would be a place for them to land. The first jumped off plane was Senior Colonel Li Zhenbo(李振波), 51.

With roads buried by landslide and bad weather hammering airborne operations, a group of 600 soldiers and medical teams, let by Major General Xia Guofu(夏国富), 57, Commander in Chief of Sichuan Military District, walked 21 hours straight on foot in mountain area, carrying heavy relief supplies, risking landslide and falling rocks. They became the first group to arrive at the epicenter of the earthquake.

Soldiers and rescue workers working around clock to rescue people still buried. Unable to transport heavy machineries to the remote areas since roads are buried by landslides, they often have to use hands to move tons of concrete.

People are rushing to donate money. Many rich people donated in millions, but no one can match Xu Chao(徐超), 60, on the right. He is a homeless in Nanjing, 1000 miles from the disaster area. He saw the news and went to donate 5 Yuan in the morning. He said people in the disaster area were worse off than him because their lives were threatened. He came back in the afternoon, donated another 100 Yuan ($14). He explained that all he had were pennies and dimes, and he didn’t want to waste volunteer workers’ time to count them, so he went to the bank to change everything he had into one big bill. This is from a man who doesn’t have money to buy food for himself.

Song Xinying (宋馨懿), 3, pulled out from rubble after being buried for 2 days. She was in critical condition and lost a leg, but survived. Her parents hold each other’s hands and shoulders face to face to make an arch to shield her from the falling building. Her parents did not make it out.

A 5 year old boy was rescued after being buried under rubbles for 24 hours. His left hand was broken, but he smiled and saluted to his rescuers. His smile made everybody cry.

Zhang Jiwang(张吉万), 11, carrying his sister Zhang Han(张韩), 3,walked 12 hours straight to flee the disaster center.

Yuan Wentin(袁文婷), 26, first grade teacher. When the earthquake struck, she rushed to carry her stunned students from classroom on the 3rd floor to the ground. She managed to pull out most of her students, but the building collapsed when she was trying to pull out the last few. At the last moment of her life, she was trying to use her body to shield the students from falling concrete.
Many teachers did the same thing. They are 谭千秋、张米亚、苟晓超、吴忠洪、杜正香

This high school student was rescued from the collapsed building. She lost both legs, and her both hands are broken. The rescue workers were all in tears when they saw this. She smiled to them: “Be Brave!”

This baby, after being buried over 24 hours, miraculously, was rescued unscratched. He is about 3-4 months old, and his mother kneeled down, pinned her head and hands on the ground to shielded him from the falling concrete, and milked him. His mother did not make it out. A rescue worker found his mom’s cell phone in his wrapper. It had a text message left by his mother: “Dear child, if you survive, please remember, Mom loves you forever…”

Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Pick & Brew for Two Occassions


Pick & Brew is Jackson's second baby. Though it had been thoroughly blogged since the arrival of his first, hope I'm not too late to jump into the bandwagon for I really do like this place, the food is good and I wanna share you my experience there.

My first time there were around March where I simply stomped in one morning looking for breakfast. To my surprise, Jackson was on duty. To think about it, its like hitting the jackpot for I or rather we (with the food bloggers) weren't that lucky to caught sight of him. He's either on leave lah, travelling lah or attending dinners and function. Don't you just envy his life? *grin*

Occassion One - Lunch with Ruby

Back to his baby, I was there one afternoon with Ruby. We were full, but wanted to munch on something anyway and I'd decided to bring Ruby there. Service were prompt, as the moment we walked in, we were urshered to our table and menu were handed to us quickly. The menu were extensive on its on but to add in to the varieties, they were running set-lunches too. The beauty of their set-lunches were, its item were different from its menu so naturally we dived into their set lunch selection.

For starter, we had a piece each of Grilled Oyster with Cheese. Unlike many places that grills them a wee bit too long, Pick & Brew's one manage to retain its rawness and juiciness with its crispy, hot top.

We were than served a deep bowl of Poached Dory in Cream Sauce, which true to its name, came swimming in a light cream sauce. The fish was fresh, and vegetables all still crunchy and fresh. Nice.

I heard that their cakes sells out really quickly. Oh Jackson, have you considered pumping up the quantity? I think many of us can't get enough of your creamy, sinful but not too sweet Rasberry Cheesecake. It's really good!

Orange Frappelicious, which was thick, full of orange twang and not too sweet. Really good stuff here.

Ruby's coffee, which came with the set lunches.

Occassion Two - Meet Up Session with Daphne, Fellow Flogger from Oz.


I was half an hour early, and had earlier skipped my lunch. My earlier session browsing cookbooks at Times Bookstore, did not help either. When my Starter Platter were served to my table, what's a girl to do but to gobbled it all down. Well almost.

Our expected guest from Oz came in with Armand and my hunger were soon forgotten for they were both so warm and friendly. In actual fact, I'd earlier gobbled down two pieces of super yummy Chicken Chamicangasa, a tortilla filled with minced chicken and spices.

Here's Teckie Pesto Salmon Pasta. It smell wonderful!

My Angel Hair Seafood Marinara, which was gorgeously done with generous portion of fresh seafood, and tomato coated angel hair.

My favourite Hot Chocolate drink which I earlier accompanied with the Starter Platter.

We shared a bottle of Peach Liquor which I'd picked up in Germany. Hope they enjoyed it as much as I did.

We were fortunate that Kusahi Keat brough along a homemade Strawberry Cheesecake for Pick & Brew's selection were almost gone. Thanks Keat! It was nice and creamy, albeit a little sweet but its his first time trying out this new recipe hence, do improve and let us be your guinea pig again! *grin*

All well ends well, we ended our dinner way pass operation hour but Pick & Brew staff obliged to let us stay on. After camwhoring session (what else!), some adjourned elsewhere for more alcohol where else I headed back home to sleep.

To sum it up, I enjoy this place for its food, dedicated staff with nice environment to chill; be it day or night. My only hope is, IF only they bake more of their cakes *hint*

Saturday, 24 May 2008

Chicken Feet Noodle + Foot Reflexology = Feet Day!


One of my absolute favourite place to go hunting for succulent, soft, fragrant Braised Chicken Feet is Koon Kee Wantan Mee, in Section 17's Lucky Coffeeshop. To me, this legendary wantan mee stall whom happen to be the apprentise of Paramount Coffeeshop's wantan mee stall back in 1980s - safes my day when the going get's tough.

There's something about chicken feet that shouts I'm chinese, I'm chinese and this is comfort food for the pure at heart. Koon Kee, understood the concept of making a good one. The chicken feet is braised for hours, and hours alongside chinese mushroom in a huge pot. When this is done, all you need to do is pop the whole feet or my case, half the feet into my mouth and what comes next, the best part is, spitting the bone specimens out. The glutinous texture from the feet, coupled with the rough, fried surface, needless to say is a bit difficult to understand for non-chicken feet eater but when once you experience the in your mouth effect, there's no going back.

Lately, I'd been frequenting this reflexology centre called EmpressMa. They are new kids on the block of reflexology centre but what sets them apart are;

They are well trained and endorsed by The Ministry of Labour & Social Security of The People's Republic of China.

What instantly attracted me was, the place itself. The massage place; both the feet massage chair and the body massage bed were super comfy, clean and relaxing. As they need my ache away, soft music were playing at the background to lullaby me to zzzzz. Lights were kept low too, but if you wanna read, they will oblige to tune it up but trust me, when you get in, all you ever want was to close your eyes and enjoy.

They emphasis highly on hygiene, with every guest being provided fresh, disposable seat covers, basin cover and towels during their pampering session. Every guest were served a glass of Pu-Er tea, water, ginger tea and biscuit cracker.

That's me soaking my feet in Ginger Enhanced Cleansing Herb.

Isn't it fantastic that you don't even need to walk to another area to soak your feet, or soak them in a separate tub. Theirs were cleverly hidden underneath the foot stool and once you're done, the masseur would just push the stool in to conceal the basin.

Everything were top-notched, and believe me, I've been to many, many reflexology centre but really, my camera is just not doing justice to this place for the lighting were dim.

But the best part are their packages and promotion. It may seem pricey as compared to other places but please read along to find out why I'm so hooked! There's goodies of course!

Empress Ma offers following packages;

  • EmpressMa 50 - RM50 (50 minutes foot reflexology, foot bath & Cleansing Herbs)
  • EmpressMa 80 - RM80 (50 minutes foot reflexology, foot bath, Ginger Enhanced cleansing herbs & 30 minutes Partial Body Massage)
  • EmpressMa90 - RM90 (50 minutes foot reflexology, foot bath, Tibetan Classical Cleansing Herbs & 40 minutes Partial Body Massage)
  • Etc ... many more services.

You have choices of Oriental Style, for Stress Relief, for Insomnia, Detoxification and Relaxing & Refreshing. The package time excludes the foot soak time too.

NOW, the best part are the PROMOS.

  • Enjoy 50% discount if you walk in between 10am-11am everyday (my fav!)
  • Enjoy 20% discount if you walk in between 11am-3pm everyday.
  • Bring your dad there on Father's Day (15 June) and enjoy 50% (you have to be existing customer)
  • Free EmpressMa38 on your birthday month! EmpressMa38 means, 30 minutes partial body massage.
  • Enjoy 20% discount during your birthmonth.

Isn't this fabulous? I've been returning there for their EmpressMa80, for RM40 which includes 50 minutes foot reflexology, foot bath, Ginger Enhanced cleansing herbs and 30 minutes Partial Body Massage!

That's 80 minutes of massages for RM40!!!

Where to find!? Address here lah;

  1. EmpressMa Kota Damansara Outlet, Ground Floor, No 10-1, Jalan PJU 5/7, Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara. Tel : 03 6141 7696
  2. EmpressMa Section 17 Outlet, No 1090 Jalan 17/29, Section 17, 46400 Petaling Jaya. Tel : 79587696.

Open Daily.

Friday, 23 May 2008

A Tag About 8 Habits

Have I shared this info with you all? I love tags. Some bloggger frawn upon it but to me, its the perfect reason to reflect and search deeper, and sometimes got me surprise that I'm like that.

Beachlover tagged me two days ago, with 8 Habits Meme so here it goes.

Here are the rules:
1. Each player starts with 8 random facts/habits about themselves.
2. People who are tagged, write a blog post about their own 8 random things, and post these rules.
3. At the end of your post you need to tag 8 people and include their names.
4. Don’t forget to leave them a comment on their blog and tell them they’ve been tagged, and to come back and read your blog for the whole story.

Here are my 8 habits;

1) I USE to be a freak when it comes to tidiness.
Everything has to be in symmetric e.g; my perfume bottle label have to face me directly, my cloth hanger in my closet had to be 1 inch away from each other and I have a special ruler to measure the space between, my clothes are folded and arranged in symmetric order, from biggest to smallest on top - and IF anyone were to touch my things, I would know. I will than go into a rage because of it. Crazy lah, I know and phew, luckily I'm no longer like that.

2) I am a detail planner.
I plan what to cook every Saturday morning for blogging, and get my shopping done the night before. For travelling matter, I will plan months in advance visiting websites for inspiration on where to visit, where to eat, how much to budget for etc and have them detailed out in a spreadsheet. A photo is included as well. In most cases, my plan usually make up to 50% or more in actual execution, which I'm most pleased. This was how I lost 12kg too, for I journalled down every single item I put in my mouth.

3) I spent way too much time on PC and had once been told that I may suffer from glucoma! It's bad for my eyes I know, but can't help it!

4) I am fascinated with creating new things for I'm a creature of dreaminess, so I'm always game for something I imagine in my head.

5) I have a habit of missing my J, very much.

6) I don't eat Malaysian grown raw tomatoes, beef, mutton or lamb. Didn't like the taste at all.

7) Whenever I feel lethargic, my rescue plan is to head to the nearest reflexology. To me, they are god sent! Nothing feels better than the feeling of pain and pleasure, roll into one.

8) I have a bad habit of eating and munching in my dad's car, every weekday during our drive home. It can be dinner, or just simple snacks we've just bought from SS2's Monday and Thursday pasar malam. It started a few months ago and now, the habit had caught on to my dad and sis *grin*

And now, I'm forwarding them to fellow bloggers coz I'd like to know you better :-)

Let's keep the Meme going, and have fun!

Thursday, 22 May 2008

Charity Buffet Aid of Cyclone Nagris & China Quake Victim

Last night before heading to bed, Pete - an old friend SMS me some project he's currently undertaking.

As you all know by now, the recent event in Myanmar and China had left many homeless, devastated and the number of death are still rising. To this, the Opus Group of restaurant consisting of Opus, Cava and U located in Jalan Bangkung, Bangsar had decided to unite and organize a charity food fest in aid of the victims.

Below are the event details;

Venue : Cava, U and Opus at Jalan Bangkung, Bangsar
Date : Sunday 25th May
Time : 6-10pm
Tickets : By min donation of RM100, tickets can be purchased on the day at the restaurants but RSVP is required for catering purposes. Ticket entitles you to a buffet dinner and drinks at the participating restaurants.

Contact: Pete @ Tel: +6012 298 5838

Hope to see you all there!

Monday, 19 May 2008

Prego, Westin Kuala Lumpur Revisit


Last weekend, I had the privilege to spent some quality time with my niece and my sister. My sis, Jasmine had earlier asked me if I had time to babysit Ashleen while she go get her hair cut by non other than Albert Nico, the gifted but somewhat banyak character hairstylist. I know coz I use to go to him when he was at Imbi Plaza. Back than, he was charging RM60 per hair cut, double the amount of other hair stylist but he's good. He somehow, always manage to make you look and feel like a model when you step out of the salon. Nowadays, he charges a whopping RM128! Crazy right? I'd rather stick to my RM25.00 hair cut in Dry Cut salon, which may not be as good as him but not too bad lah.

Anyway, we arrived wee later than expected, and quickly make our way to the Hair Salon. Well, the thing about Albert Nico is, he hates it when you arrive later than appointment time. I remembered once being told off for a sheer 5 minutes late, and he refused to attend to me. That was actually the reason why I stop going to him. Not knowing after so many years, my sis is now his regular and she sings highly of him! Oh well ... So naturally, I was kinda stressed up driving her downtown for the appointment, and with my niece tagging along ... you know lah how its like.

But what a surprised. It was not very pack that day (Sunday) and he's able to attend to her immediately. All and all, it will take not more than an hour, he said. And so, we hang around KL Plaza, and the saloon itself with my niece cam-whoring ;-p

Somehow, and most unfortunate, some big shot celebrity walked in and needed Albert's service. We had to wait longer lah, and my poor niece were close to lunch time already. She was also restless and feeling a bit grumpy. I was tempted to bring her over to lunch first, but the hair stylist kept giving us hope that it will soon be over! Poor nieceeee ..

I tried giving her, her mummy's milo and her water to fill her up first but she refused.

After some 20 minutes wait, finally, we made our way to Westin Prego for lunch. The moment we sat down, Ashleen were close to tears. We ordered quickly, and requested for the captain to serve us bread first. ASAP okay? My niece is veryyyy hungry, I said.

Mana tau, he served us water first lah, than only went to the oven to heat up the bread. When the bread arrived, it was not even fully heated as the middle part were still cold. But its not his fault for he is dealing with a hungry child. Ashleen quickly took some bite of bread, and SHE LOVED IT! A smile broke out from her face and it was just priceless!

It was only after seeing that, that I dare to take photo of the bread. Seen here, Ashleen concentration on her bread ;-p

They were running set-lunches from Monday to Saturday, with focus on Rome's Speciality in the month of May 2008. I chose to go with the set lunch where else my sis decided to go ala-carte.

Seen here, my Roasted Fennel with Cream Sauce. I throroughly enjoyed my fennel for it was roasted perfectly. The texture were firm and juicy, while the cream were delicate and elegant.

My sis and Ashleen shared a Penne Boscaiola (RM33.00). Portions were huge, and my niece loved it very much. My sis commented that its cream were flavourful, while the pasta were perfectly al-dente. What she loved also was the additional parsley herb thrown in to further boost its flavour.

I had a Chard Pie in Cream Sauce. I know, not another cream based item. Well, this is what happen when you have a hungry child with you. Your mind go a bit woozy and disoriented. But I did not regret it one bit for, the cheese and chard mixture were simply creamy and sumptious! Luckily, the portion weren't too huge, otherwise it would have gone to waste.

The set-lunch came with either coffee or tea, of which I chose coffee.

I don't have the exact name of my dessert but it was something like Strawberry Sorbet, with Balsamic Vinegar and Fresh Strawberries. The sorbet were sooooo light, and tasted every biteful of strawberry. Don't you just hate some sorbet or ice-cream where you get to only numb your tastebud and nothing else? The one here is good quality stuff. And of course here, strawberries and balsamic vinegar makes a lethal combination hence, needless to say it was very good.

My niece was hungry still hence, we treated her to a glass of Sundae! Unfortunate for her, both her mummy and Aunty Lianne kept on diggin in for it was so good! The soft, vanilla gelato were lovely, and not overly sweet. My niece, whom happen to be chocolate biggest fan, kept on picking on the chocolate shave! Me on the other hand, can't keep my hand off the rasberries! Yum yum!

In total, we paid about RM70.00 for the lunch with my Starwood Card privilege. I love this card and will not hesitate to renew them for the goodies are even a lot better than before! But as it is, I won't get the chance to use it ...

As always, Westin always impress me with their good food with good service to match. Am referring to Prego, EEST and the coffeehouse, but not the rest.

To add icing to the cake, they presented my niece with a clown nose as we exit the restaurant. That made my day, for she kept on asking me to adorn the nose for her, even while shopping around in Pavillion ... Sheeshhhh ... but, seeing her laugh and giggle, I gladly entertain her lah.

What to do! My only nieceeee ... love her dearly.