Monday, 10 March 2008

I have something to say ...

This is not food related, but following our rakyat's victory last weekend, this had been in my head the whole day and I need to put this down.

Take this scenario;

- You join a new company, say, for a position of an accountant.
- You are a person of vision but with limited experience. You start your new job but soon after, you discover a pile of shit being leaved behind by the former personnel.
- You start the cleaning up process, but the more you dig, the more you discover. Not only that, the shit continues pouring in.
- You would like to change how things are done, but your resources are limited. Not only that, you are trying to change a work culture against your peers.

What would you do?

1) Demoralised and give up
2) Adapt to existing culture
3) Use tactical strategy to form new alliances
4) I don't know (blur)

There's an article that caught my interest.

My hope as a Rakyat now is, our current PM were to stay put and do a good job. Not the same can be said towards his DPM, the Keris fella and the power crazy SIL.

I cannot imagine how our beloved country would become if DPM takes over.

So ah, this former Tun, better shut up and not talk so much. Oh wait, he can't .. because if our PM hangs on and work closely with alliance (Tun's best friend), our dear Tun's shit will leak out one day lol.

Am I making sense?

Okaylah, I admit ... just trying to shiok sendiri with all this speculation ;-) but I am trying to figure out why our dear PM release the ex-DPM from jail at the first place leh. And he don't seem interested to cover up a lot of his parties shit.


  1. i lurvve shiok sendiri posts!!

    aiyah, a chinese proverb, "there's always a higher mountain"...we'll just have to see which one is higher for now, the sun seems bright (i hope) :)

  2. that is a good question! I like that as I was thinking about it lately!

    Wrong stratergy?

  3. Politics... sounds so like a battlefield. If I don't kill him, he'll kill me.

  4. nick - the sun definately seems brigter lol, yes like all ... we hope they won't dissapoint but whatever it is, it is good to have competition as the ones gaining are the rakyats now.

    BBO - hmm, wrong strategy huh .. hmm, never thought of that. possible, possible tooo .. but now, they lost the battle but not war yet and we rakyat shall see

    jason - i know, its a dog eat dog world out there

  5. All we can do now is to observe in the coming months. Things will slowly falls into place.

  6. Conspiracy theories would do very well these days. :-)


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