Friday, 29 February 2008

Mango Mania, Bangsar

You know what is wonderful about this place? The fact that each of us had such a huge cup of their famous yoghurt blend, alongside two slices of their yummy cheesecake after a feast in Whikeroom Billique earlier, I went home to step on my weighing scale and tadaaaa ...

My weight remained the same!!!

Now, that's worth a visit, despite the slighly above average price, doesn't it?

I had their Peach Passionfruit Yoghurt Smoothies (RM11.90). Tasted fresh, and delicious, I liked this a lot.

Their super miniature size Trip Choc Cheesecake (RM7.90) which had a marshmellow kinda texture, very interesting, creamy and light ... its quality here that counts, not quantity.

Strawberry Cheesecake (RM8.90), with light strawberry taste. I though this was rather normal.

Happy occassion with happy tummy :-)

Thanks Jule for the wonderful threat :-)

Whikeroom Billique, Bangsar Relaunch

One of the oysterette girl bought over some shares of an existing pub in Bangsar, and had them relaunched few nights ago. Formerly called Bilique but now with a new name Whikeroom Bilique, it reminded me of good old days when me and my friend's use to party in Party Box, Damansara Utama.

Apart from the main pub area where you get to chill out with the vast beer and liquor selection, there's a small dance floor for you to shake your booty. Salsa Night is every Tuesday, with selected promotion held every weekday. If you're in the mood for Karaoke and would like to show your talent to all the patrons present in the pub, go get your request up at the nearby DJ council.

Gosh, this place really reminded me of Party Box :-)

Good old days.


Honey arranged these on behalf of us.

We had some food there, though catered to a huge crowd and were slightly cold, it was good!

Seen here, Black Pepper Chicken .. beat many places hand's down.

We totally dig their Thai Style Tofu Salad. Had lots of helping.

Deep Fried Chicken, though tasty, it is best served hot.

Same goes to the Deep Fried Baby Pompret.

A few more other items were not captured as it arrived in batches as I was squashed in a corner where moving in and out were a bit of a challenge. Their fragrant Nasi Goreng Kampung and Mee Goreng were memorable, while a few of them gave thumbs up to their Grilled Lamb.

Only thing missing were desserts, hence we adjourned elsewhere for second round.

A Little Dim Sum Place

One of the main reason why I'd returned to A Little Dim Sum Place in SS2 for Dim Sum was, Kiri wanted to have them then, and we have just finished our pedicure in a friend's place earlier.

My experiences here had been a hit and miss at times, but if you have friends whom can't stand the heat outside and would prefer the comfort on an aircond, this place is totally recommended. The plus point is, it is also clean and brighly lit.

We had their Yam Puff, which I though were not too bad. Crispy outside and sticky inside with savoury yam taste, me and Lillian gladly finished this while Kiri stayed away.

Steamed Glutinous Rice which I'd read in many blogs were ordered. It was tasty neitherless, and chunks of chicken meat laid on top of it (or was it bottom?), the verdict for us were, it was a tad too oily.

Kiri had the whole bamboo tray of Har Kow and was grinning from ear to ear when eating them, as this was her absolute favourite. Must be super yummy :-)

The other fried item we ordered, Fried Prawn Dumpling came warm, and not piping hot and crispy hence we were kinda dissapointed. Taste were pretty good on its own, but I always prefer them dipped into the accompanying mayonaise for the added flavour.

The normal Siu Mai were fresh, tasty and juicy. It was really good.

Needless to say, the Mother of all Siu Mai aka Giant Siu Mai were even better. For what lies on top of the fresh, tasty and juicy minced enveloped within the wantan skin were a succulent piece of fresh prawns with its equally tempting prawn roe. Lipsmacking!

Overall, another hit and miss affair for me, where else for Kiri, she enjoyed her Siu Mai and Har Kow experience tremendously. Lillian suggested another place which served better Dim Sum so I guess, her tastebud were on par with me on that particular day.

Saturday, 23 February 2008

Blogger's Potluck Session

It is inevitable that when food bloggers get together for a potluck, good food are guaranteed.

Saturday, 23rd February 2008. A date set by Big Boys a few weeks ago for a get together at their place Opal, Damansara. Opal was after all, right next to where I live so I quickly responded to Sid.

Sure! Count me in!!! I replied after checking my mobile for any other appointments on the date and time. Just incase I have anything up on that day, just in case.

I tested what I wanted to bring that morning, to make sure the taste is acceptable. Then, come 8pm, I made my way to Opal by foot. It is about time that I walk more, with all the festive eating and all as I can feel my thunder thighs rubbing against each other whenever I walk lately. Unlike a month back, it was such a brisk.

I also reminded myself to pace myself and eat in small quantity too. But I failed miserably.

How could I have passed? Look at all the glorious, glorious food!

Starting with appetisers ...

Originally mistaken for a pancake stack with apple filling, it was quickly corrected by the multi-talented and adventurous blogger aka Teckie, may I introduce you ... hmm, a Pasta embedded Omelette Stack with Caramalised Pork. The caramalised pork had a wonderful, deep marinated flavour which were slightly sweet to the bite. The pasta was a good companion and complimented the caramalised pork really well.

The ItchyBitchy, ItchyBitch or Imbi is Itchy ... (should I change my blog name?), prepared the base ingredient and Teckie came in to help with the assembling.

Itchy Bitchy calls them Canape of Mango & Sardine.

Our talented Edison impersonator, Nic (don't believe me ah, I have pictures to prove) brought a tray of Bruscheta with a combination of Tuna, Bacon and Cheese Topping.

Something easy should do, you know lah ... our Edison is a busy man *wink*

Sharing is their motto. But not only that, it came warm too. Our delectable, Spicy Popiah bursting with ingredients of minced dried shrimp sambal, fresh prawns and crabstick from Christine and Chris.

Odd? I mean the ingredient combo lah ...

Yes, but tasted fantastic!

With such good food around, protection is needed so as, no one gate crashes us and cart our beloved food away. We came prepared as Ekeng/Hong Kong Chai aka Member-of-Midnight12-clan paid tribute to our existence by contributing a wonderful Aman Suria style Roasted Pork Knuckle.

I have no idea which restaurant he estorted them from, but was well marinated, and succulent.

Tai Kor, job well done!

Dainty appetiser made my dainty maiden by the nickname of XiuLongPao, and NOT Char Siu Pau okay, as how I'd mistaken earlier. Rolled Sushi, compacted with filings of tamago, cucumber and crabstick transported us to the land of the rising sun's bread and butter staple food.

Wanna stay slim, and dainty? Sushi's the best bet.

One need not have to go all the way to Teluk Anson for their wondrous filling based Chee Cheong Fun as, it came to us by Daniel Henney's biggest fan. To lick or the swirl, hmmmm ... which is a better way to enjoy my Chee Cheong Fun?

I shall remember to observe her in the future.

The member I envy most, for her age is 50% more than mine but I swear, she looked wayyyy
younger. When it comes to age thing, its either how your thinking, and what you put in your body that made the difference.

I like to think its the latter and to that, I whacked a few pieces of the perfectly textured Hailam Bread and its accompanying Curry Chicken.


Malaysians need their Curries, and thankfully, the night had been blessed with three varieties of curry from Ling, the lady that brought us Hailam Bread, Jennifer whom brought along Roti Jala to accompany the curry and the other, sooo sorry, I'm not too sure its from whom.

From Jackson?

There's the light, and creamy and extra creamy version with the latter ladled with pieces of pork ribs. It was lipsmacking and does wonders to your thunder thighs.

Bitchy Itchy made these Angel Hair Pasta with Portobello Mushroom and Truffle Oil.

Organiser, organiser ... Mandarin are nice, but no Ang Pau ah?

The controversial dessert that turned our Pakcik Nic into Edison impersonator. Soft, creamy, flavourful and enticing Tiramisu. One is not enough. Agree Edison?

Sitting at the far end corner of the table were a plain looking Cupcakes. But coming from BBO, nothing is short of plain as it is a Vanilla Flavoured Cupcake, with bites of dried fruit in it which gave out a nice chew to the buttery texture of the cake.

The other dessert that commanded our attention as we enter their living room were BBO's Layered Cake served in a tray. It had layers of mousse, cake, cream and topping of plum. A bite of it get you to experience the many textures within, with a hint of sweet, creamy and sourish aftertaste.


The flavour of the macaroons were questionable after a night a heavy feasting. My tongue were numb from the curries and fusion concoction but what woke me up in this Macaroons were the delish chocolate ganache, smacked thickly amidst the hard exterior cookie, with chewy texture within. Wicked filling.

Itchy-Itchy felt like making something furry and sweet. My Nien Gao, steamed and coated with shreaded fresh coconut.

Chinese New Year still? Nope. But I dont' care for this buttery, sweet Pineapple Tart never fail to stop me from having seconds.

Peanut Cookies, again by Sunny of BBO. How many cookies and cakes did you make today?

Now, when I mentioned earlier of an Edison impersonator present and I have photos to prove, I was not kidding. I must admit that this impersonator must work a little bit more on the facial expression leh.

Pakcik ... enjoyed or not?
Pix return upon permission granted *big grin*

And so our night continued to almost midnight, and almost to the next day.

We bidded farewell soon after, some with more plans (geeee, am getting old), I was glad that Teckie decided to drop me back as Moi were so stuffed, and heavy that she's pretty certain her walk back would take longer than expected.

Thanks guys again for the lovely evening. I had heaps of fun. And for the organiser BBO, thank you for hosting us there. Lovely place and you have been really hospitable.

I can't wait for another session! *grin*

Friday, 22 February 2008

Damansara Palace Chap Goh Meh Dinner

Chap Goh Meh or otherwise known as Chinese Valentine's Day were celebrated with a delicious feast in Damansara Palace, in Kota Damansara last night with close friends. Though just a stone throw from my condo, there's no harm dressing to the occasion where I adorned myself with a loose fit dress, while accessorising my dress with my heart shaped Swarovski, a gift from m J a few weeks ago.

Ring, ring ...

Lianne, where are you? Honey asked.

Errr ... while looking at the clock at my living room. Quarter past eight.

I'm on the way lah. Walking (I'm such a big liar) *grin*

Okay, okay. I will wait for you at the entrance yeah.

Will do, see you shortly!

It had been a while since the girls caught up with each other.

The first course were Prosperity Yee Sang, but we'd requested for the captain to serve them last while Shirley made her rounds around the shop area. Missed a turn, she apologized. But everything turned out fine as the moment she walked in with her hubby, the dishes arrived.

Talk about good timing!

Braised Sharksfin Soup with Crabmeat. I'm afraid they are real sharksfin. It was good, with pretty substiantial amount of sharksfin it in. A bit of vinegar gave it a nice, sourish taste. Shirley declined. She and hubby em sek chou one (DOES NOT get jealous).

Mr. Low Profile Blogger (guess who!), were seated directly opposite me.

New Toy?

He is seen here taking a pic of Wealthiness Braised Pig's Trotter with Black Moss. No words could describe how delicious this is. Was it just me that I'm missing chinese food, or is this really that good?

The braised trotter were soft, flavourful and meaty. I loved the fatty bits, the skin, the black moss, the sauce and everything else edible. Yum!

I can't help cringing upon hearing the name of the next dish - Luckiness Braised Dried Oysters with Fatt Choy. It was placed closest to me hence I was lucky to be the first to try. The sauce where the dried oyster, cabbages and fatt choy were soaked in, were delish on its own. Everything else were cooked to till its soft and all flavours were absorbed into each other.

One of the best vegetable dishes I've tried in the longest time.

Fish is one of my favourite fish. It need not be complicatedly made, but just steamed them with premium soya sauce to reveal its tender, fresh, juicy flesh. Their version of Steamed Mandarin Fish in Soya Sauce got the thumbs up for taste and freshness, but were a bit overcooked.

Am not sure if we have left it on the table far too long for photo taking?

In Chinese custom, prawn and fish are customary to signify longevity and happiness. Everyone had a piece or more (especially the low key blogger, whom was eyeing it for sometime), the Portugese Style Pan Fried Prawns exudes sticky caramel texture with deep, salty flavour.

The prawns were fresh, and sized perfectly for the feast.

I will so going to learn how to make this Waxed Meat Rice. Love at first sight? Oh yes. You have been tasty, flavourful and surprising. Yes, you ... the dark one there.

My portion which I finished in seconds. I love the simple chewy, and salty glutinous rice texture.

Everyone of us grabbed a Joy of Luck Lotus Paste Dumplings. This was to me, the dissapointment of the night. My first impression were, it's like those sold in the store. Taste wise were good, but it lacked the extra factor for a restaurant quality.

We ended our meal by washing it down with with a refreshing end of Ice Cold Sea Coconut With Lemon Juice. Not too sweet, with a lingering lemon flavour, Mr. Low Profile Blogger thought otherwise of the lemony flavour as he struck a hard note with the lemon bits itself on this first bite.

We were much luckier.

Well, almost the end. A must dish of Prosperity Yee Sang, the last for year. Photobucket

Let's tossed the year of the Rat with a year full of wealth, happiness and love.

Their Yee Sang is one ofthe best I've tasted. Don't believe me, try it next year!

Before bidding goodnight to the girls, and a few invited friends, a custom we practise. Group photo lah.

While they were still waiting for the car's to be delivered to them via Jockey, I was already at home in my PJ's settling my stomach down in front of the telly.

The feast had been great, and with a price of oRM438++ only for the set, we went home with good memories for a night, well spent.

But wait ... have you guest who the Low Profile Blogger is? None other than Julian Si lah. Visit him here for his version of the review.

Have a wonderful Rat year everyone!