Saturday, 19 January 2008

Yuen Garden Dimsum House

It was only today that I went over to Black Ties, White Lies's blog to drop off a comment on the topic of ... dimsum. In his blog, he pondered on how does one classify a good dimsum. Well, upon reading that, I pondered myself but decided to drop a comment anyway and I said ... I guess you will know if the dimsum is good or not when you meet the right one.


What kind of answer was that? I've already pressed enter, hence it was too late for me to retrieve back that statement. To think of it, it sounded like meeting once soulmate doesn't it?

Coincidently, I had dimsum for teabreak/dinner few hours ago. It was a chance meeting, after missing a turn and ending myself up in Puchong. Puchong is one territory I'd usually dare not venture into. It is way too huge, with too many housing area that looked all the same but one area I'm pretty comfortable with is Bandar Puchong Jaya, just opposite Jusco.

Yuen Garden Dimsum House were located in a corner shop lot, occupying two floors. I've not come across any dimsum place with such huge space hence, it must be pretty popular and food must be good then, hence I decided to give it a try. Quickly took a seat at the corner of the shop, and good .. they have menus. I always prefer having a menu to browse first, and budget my choices instead of the cart type where you'd over order the first few that came.

I over order anyway, but that's not the point *grin*

This was what I ordered.

Stuffed Green Pepper with Fish Paste (RM3.00) - I hardly order green pepper dimsum but something must have came over me today to try it. It was a marrrrvelous choice. The fish paste were fresh and tasty, and green pepper were fresh, crunchy and sweet. The sauce that came with it were very fragrant. I had initially ordered 3 portion of dimsum but after this great start, I ordered two more extra!


Second to arrive were Thai Style Tofu with Pork & Shrimp (RM3.00). Both pork and shrimp were amazingly fresh, that when you bite into them .. especially the shrimp ... you can taste the crunch. The tofu based were soft and tasted fresh. The sauce were rather normal thai chilli style sauce.

I was attracted to this Shrimp Paste in Supreme Sauce (RM3.00) because of the supreme sauce. After the flavourful thai sauce lingering in my mouth still, the sauce I must add were not as distinct as anticipated but the freshness of the paste and shrimp were evident again.

One of the additional dimsum I'd chosen were Scallop Dumplings (RM3.00). The skin were a bit thick, but luckily filling were fresh and juicy. I can't taste much of the scallops though.

Of all the items ordered, I would say this is my least favourite. Golden Cheeseball with Shrimps (RM5.00), though looked impressive, I felt that the cheese were a bit salty. Otherwise, it would have been perfect.

Overall, I'm impressed with Yuen Garden Dimsum House. It isn't often that you can find fresh dimsum at such prices around, with chunks and chunks of quality filling. The menu is extensive and the place is spacious.

I will definately return again.

p/s : Nic ... this is my dimsum soulmate so far *grin*

Yuen Garden Dim Sum House
Jalan Kenari 18, Bandar Puchong Jaya
Tel : 80763818


  1. lianne, so happy for you! mine died (closed down) a few years back. it was on top of an old wet market near central market called "gam tin fah". a very old-skool dim sum place dated back to the 1960's. we've been going there for 3 generations! never found any "yue mai" as good as theirs. it's fish+lard+coriander...
    that said, i had an affair with federal hotel's dim sum too in hong kong..hehehe...

  2. hmm yeah i can definitely see all the prawns bursting out!

  3. Ooo....all seafood dumplings/dim sum!!:)
    I love scallop dumplings too and those shrimps look really nice too:D

  4. the last time I went here.. the service wasn't that good.. maybe it's due to the crowd.
    but still kinda like the dim sums here :)

  5. Oooorrrhhh!!! Dim Sum... so lovely and yummy!
    Those pics shooting by you are really cool... how make it??!

  6. i heard from fiance's parents that their dimsum is finger licking good!!!!! i must go try soon..

  7. Thanks for the tip off Lianne ... I am out there first thing tmrw morning, for my ritualistic Sunday floggerbreakies!

    Nitezzz :-)

  8. Nic - old school style, how nostalgic! I've not come across anyyyy before, is it something like those in Hongkong? Ahhh .. went all the way to Hongkong to find new love huh ... now I know what type you fancy kekeke

    Joe - you should see my tummy too, bursting out from my jeans lol

    Jason - tissueeeeeeeeee

    Christy - yes, scallop ones usually attract me but theirs were mediocre as compared to the others

    Christine - hehehe, typical chinese place where people go for the food, but left pretty much undesirable in service department lol

    Big Fish - I usually take many angles and choose the nicer ones when I download. But the most important criteria for such photo is good lighting. Always, always natural light but not direct blaring at your face kind of light lah, then shoot when you get a nice view in camera. Creating depth in photo is something I learned from the other floggers too, means that take it with a lot of objects behind ... zoom in and focus. The backscene will blur a little and that will help the subject be the focus. Hope this helps!

    Mei Yen - yesss, this place I would say is really good! Do try!

    Jules - Can't wait to read your entry on this. You sure whack a lot one hahahahaha knowing you, makan king!

  9. Been there done that ... you are right :-) oh fellow makan king!!

  10. hey! heard fr nic u'll be coming to spore! when r u coming? we go makan! ;p

  11. I need to look for dim sum ASAP!


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