Saturday, 12 January 2008

Pak Li's Katong Laksa

Lunch today was at this Kopitiam called Pak Li in Kota Damansara.

Though there were several Kopitiam joint sprouting within this vicinity, I opted for Pak Li Kopitiam after spotting a "Jalan Jalan Cari Makan" tag infront of the shop. It's endorse by some well known TV program, hence it had to be good somehow isn't it ?

This was what I had. For drinks, I had a glass of Cappucino Coffee (RM3.80). If you like your coffee bitter, with no cappucino taste, well .. this is the coffee for you. I do wonder why they call this Cappucino coffee though.


Their Katong Laksa (RM4.80) is one of their best seller. I for one, have not tried any Katong Laksa before to make a fare comparison but in layman's term, its sorta like the sourish version of Curry Laksa with thick coconut milk.

The shrimps that came with it were small, fresh and soft. The other thing different with this laksa were, they serve them with boiled eggs as garnishing.

It was pretty good. And for the price, really filling stuff.



  1. Sourish Laksa? meaning they add lime juice in it or??

  2. Katong... Katong... that sounds like a place in Thailand.

  3. ohh..katong it! i thought the original version is served with thick bee hoon? chopped kafir lime leaves are a must too! remember to visit tanjung katong for laksa, ya! i've not tried myself, though. hehehe...

  4. Hmmm...Kota Damansara, the next new area to explore!

  5. Jackson - not sure what is it lah, i can't really taste it but quite possible too. very unique lah.

    jason - hehehe, you mean patong ahhhhhh I've always though that Katong is a singapore based laksa, maybe I'm wrong.

    Nic - aiyo, this one is definately off key, there's no thick beehoon, noooo kaffir lime leaves too, which I love. err .. most probably a bit susah to go eat laksa in singapore, my angmoh bf stomach tak boleh tahan lol

    wmw - yeap, there's so much going on there nowadays :-)


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