Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Fish, Fish, Chips, Chips Day ...


Lunch was at Manhattan Market yesterday. The weather was extremely hot, therefor a fully charged aircond was such a relieve for me. Since it was only sharp twelve as I enter, I get the luxury of choosing the best seat in the house. The place was spacious and done up nicely in dark mahogany look-alike wood with posters and memorabilla of fishing community in Manhattan.

I started off with a bowl of Seafood Chowder (RM7.90). Taste was good but the portion was miserable. Thankfully, the seafood within were substantial in size, but I'll never have enough of seafood soup. My ultimate favourite!

I don't know about you but I'm a hugeeeee fish fan. I like my fish simple and preferably steamed but if I do not have a choice over that, my second favourite is with a good batter ala Fish & Chips style. The thing about fish and chips is that, the batter must be light, airy and fish in chunky size. I've had my fair share of dissapointment but in all honestly, Manhattan's version is, shall I say ... is really not too bad.

The thing I like about their version is that, they simply did a great job with the Dory fish within. It was fresh, and the batter were light but although not fluffy enough, I can expect much for the price I'm paying, can I? The light the mayo sauce that comes with it too.

For the price of RM16.90 inclusive of refillable drink, its not too bad place to go for lunch.


  1. This is a fish I don't mind eating :o)

  2. I like fish too but boneless one... hehe. Sometimes when eating is a particular cafe, I just don't feel like having chicken so I'll go for fish :)

  3. I found you!! Another fish-lover!!
    I love fish too!!:)
    Hmm....but I actually prefer Fish&Co compared to MFM:p

  4. It sure looks good.
    Very beautiful photos you have.
    Nice blog!

    Alex's World! -

  5. hello there! How are you enjoying blogspot compared to 360? Like you, I like my fish steamed. I've just never liked the consistency of fried fish. Fish and chips once in a blue moon oklah. Have never tried fish and co nor manhattan. The one at Magnificent Fish & Chip shop is pretty good most of the time!

  6. wmw - oh yeahhh, i remembered reading your comment somewhere on your love affair with fish :-)

    jason - hehe, me too ... I like to order fish or seafood, but not the boney ones. can be quite dangerous, especially some local ones with very tiny bones ...

    Christy - oh! must try Fish & Co!

    Alexander - thanks for dropping by! Will visit yours after this :-)

    Paprika - oh yeah, first thing .. more comments compared to 360 hehehe, but not quite familiar with the features yet. I loveee their clean cut design too, as compared to my old cluttered one. Oh I heard about Magnificient. It is in KL .. sob, sooo far from where I am but will go try one day.


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