Sunday, 27 January 2008

Happy Birthday Colin Boy, You are One!


It felt like only yesterday, when I rushed your mummy to the hospital. Your mummy called me while I was in the shower and first thing she said was ...

Lianne ... please don't panic on what I'm about to tell you. I need your help.

With that statement ... whooooooo would not panic. All sorts of imaginable scenario ran through my head ... I know your mummy's about to due but hearing that request ....

As how it turned out, your mummy's water bag burst. Your daddy was accompanying your grandpa in another hospital downtown and it is too long for him to rush back to sent mummy to hospital.

Your mummy was a real hero. Auntie Lianne here doesn't have a car, hence she drove to my place! She did. Thankfully, it was just five minutes away, and soon after ... Auntie Lianne stepped on the accelarator - in confusion to go fast (urgent mah) or go slow (safety lah) at interval that made no sense whatever that time.

We made it to the hospital ... mummy checked in and within 2 hours, you were born. Little Colin, so small and fragile ... Auntie Lianne were emotion filled; joy, happiness, relieve ... all rolled to one.

And today, you're no longer small and fragile. Everyone felt that. You smiled, laughed, sit up, crawled and walked. Though it was way pass nap time, you knew that it was a party going on. A party for you as you get to blow a candle. You persevered till everyone left.

When mummy asked you to roar like a tiger, you even let out an energetic one.

You're a bigger boy now Colin, and Auntie Lianne is so proud of you.

Happy Birthday boyyyy.


Dim Sum

Fried Prawn and Fish Roll

Yam Cake

Stained Egg

Mixed Vegetables

Chap Chye - Peranakan Style Mixed Vegetables

Ju Hu Char


Chicken Rendang

Mutton Rendang

Auntie Lianne's Lunch

Jelly Cake ...

Ma Lat Pan Mee in Yong Kee


Pan Mee.

Our Malaysia's answer to pasta, made fresh and cooked on the spot for you. If you don't like the ikan bilis toppping, just tell them and they would quickly omit them from your bowl before serving them to your table. On the other hand, if you like them with extra minced meat and more vegetables, and hopefully the cook remembers to top them up - you can tell them too.

All this for a reasonable price of not more than RM5.00 a bowl in a typical coffeeshop, or the latest independent Pan Mee shop sprouting around. Have them in the comfort of a cooling aircond space, complete with clean and tidily arranged table and chairs.

And ahem ... what I'm really crazy about is, there's a dedicated menu just for Pan Mee! Not one page, but two pages of them. There's the dry version, soupy version and anything else in between. The choices were mind boggling.

Yong Kee Fusion Pan Mee and more ... or was it the other way round? Anyway, pan mee was not in my agenda when I decided to drive to Uptown last week to go hunt for late lunch. Located right next to Village Park, while Village Park were packed as usual, this Yong Kee place were not too bad either and so, I decided to give this place a try.

If you like to play it safe when it comes to Pan Mee, there's always the traditional pan mee that comes in either wet or dry preparation to satisfy your Pan Mee crave. But if you decide to be a bit more adventurous, there's Curry Pan Mee, Tomyum Pan Mee, Claypot Pan Mee, Steamed Pork Ribs Pan Mee, Seafood Pan Mee that came with Abalone (Wet/Dry), Curry Chicken Pan Mee and many, many more.

The lady boss recommended the Ma Lat Pan Mee (RM7.90) after dissapointing me with the unavailability of Steamed Pork Ribs Pan Mee. Ma Lat Pan Mee is the specialty of the day, hence I won't get the chance to try them whenever I want.

Fair enough, so I ordered one.

Seen here, my Ma Lat Pan Mee with Kickapooooooooo ... I missed them heaps!

Ma Lat or Sweet & Sour as how the lady boss had explained. I don't know what is Ma Lat but this taste like Kimchi Soup to me. Is Ma Lat Kimchi ?

The Pan Mee were firm and nice. But I'm not sure if Ma Lat flavour complimented it well as the soup were so spicy and hot that my tongue felt numb after a while. The seafood were not fresh either with portion way to small for me.


I paid the bill still feeling hungry and unsatisfied. Hum .. was it me that's just super duper hungry or was it a bad late lunch choice? Whatever, I need more food.

As I walked out, I noticed that most of the patron ordered the traditional pan mee. I guess, I should give them another try someday to judge them again.

Yong Kee Fusion Pan Mee & More
Next to Village Park, Damansara Uptown

Saturday, 19 January 2008

Yuen Garden Dimsum House

It was only today that I went over to Black Ties, White Lies's blog to drop off a comment on the topic of ... dimsum. In his blog, he pondered on how does one classify a good dimsum. Well, upon reading that, I pondered myself but decided to drop a comment anyway and I said ... I guess you will know if the dimsum is good or not when you meet the right one.


What kind of answer was that? I've already pressed enter, hence it was too late for me to retrieve back that statement. To think of it, it sounded like meeting once soulmate doesn't it?

Coincidently, I had dimsum for teabreak/dinner few hours ago. It was a chance meeting, after missing a turn and ending myself up in Puchong. Puchong is one territory I'd usually dare not venture into. It is way too huge, with too many housing area that looked all the same but one area I'm pretty comfortable with is Bandar Puchong Jaya, just opposite Jusco.

Yuen Garden Dimsum House were located in a corner shop lot, occupying two floors. I've not come across any dimsum place with such huge space hence, it must be pretty popular and food must be good then, hence I decided to give it a try. Quickly took a seat at the corner of the shop, and good .. they have menus. I always prefer having a menu to browse first, and budget my choices instead of the cart type where you'd over order the first few that came.

I over order anyway, but that's not the point *grin*

This was what I ordered.

Stuffed Green Pepper with Fish Paste (RM3.00) - I hardly order green pepper dimsum but something must have came over me today to try it. It was a marrrrvelous choice. The fish paste were fresh and tasty, and green pepper were fresh, crunchy and sweet. The sauce that came with it were very fragrant. I had initially ordered 3 portion of dimsum but after this great start, I ordered two more extra!


Second to arrive were Thai Style Tofu with Pork & Shrimp (RM3.00). Both pork and shrimp were amazingly fresh, that when you bite into them .. especially the shrimp ... you can taste the crunch. The tofu based were soft and tasted fresh. The sauce were rather normal thai chilli style sauce.

I was attracted to this Shrimp Paste in Supreme Sauce (RM3.00) because of the supreme sauce. After the flavourful thai sauce lingering in my mouth still, the sauce I must add were not as distinct as anticipated but the freshness of the paste and shrimp were evident again.

One of the additional dimsum I'd chosen were Scallop Dumplings (RM3.00). The skin were a bit thick, but luckily filling were fresh and juicy. I can't taste much of the scallops though.

Of all the items ordered, I would say this is my least favourite. Golden Cheeseball with Shrimps (RM5.00), though looked impressive, I felt that the cheese were a bit salty. Otherwise, it would have been perfect.

Overall, I'm impressed with Yuen Garden Dimsum House. It isn't often that you can find fresh dimsum at such prices around, with chunks and chunks of quality filling. The menu is extensive and the place is spacious.

I will definately return again.

p/s : Nic ... this is my dimsum soulmate so far *grin*

Yuen Garden Dim Sum House
Jalan Kenari 18, Bandar Puchong Jaya
Tel : 80763818

Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Fish, Fish, Chips, Chips Day ...


Lunch was at Manhattan Market yesterday. The weather was extremely hot, therefor a fully charged aircond was such a relieve for me. Since it was only sharp twelve as I enter, I get the luxury of choosing the best seat in the house. The place was spacious and done up nicely in dark mahogany look-alike wood with posters and memorabilla of fishing community in Manhattan.

I started off with a bowl of Seafood Chowder (RM7.90). Taste was good but the portion was miserable. Thankfully, the seafood within were substantial in size, but I'll never have enough of seafood soup. My ultimate favourite!

I don't know about you but I'm a hugeeeee fish fan. I like my fish simple and preferably steamed but if I do not have a choice over that, my second favourite is with a good batter ala Fish & Chips style. The thing about fish and chips is that, the batter must be light, airy and fish in chunky size. I've had my fair share of dissapointment but in all honestly, Manhattan's version is, shall I say ... is really not too bad.

The thing I like about their version is that, they simply did a great job with the Dory fish within. It was fresh, and the batter were light but although not fluffy enough, I can expect much for the price I'm paying, can I? The light the mayo sauce that comes with it too.

For the price of RM16.90 inclusive of refillable drink, its not too bad place to go for lunch.

Monday, 14 January 2008

Oysterette Get Together at Bijou


Ah! Am so lazy to blog these days. The weather bothered me and, there seems to be so much going on too that, whenever I sit infront of the PC ... I'm no longer as inspired as I was. Please bear with me yeah ...

Last night, me and my group of girlfriends threw a welcome back dinner for Elaine and her son Christian. She's the one I bunked with when me and sis visited Hongkong few months ago, and I still remember all the preparation she went through to host us in her place. Four of us (the oysterettes I mean) got together for dinner in Bijou, Mont Kiara. We can't think of anywhere more appropriate for a kid's friendly place with ample car park space.

As I remembered it, Bijou looked as chic and understated as ever.

Elaine gave each of us a box of Russel Stover chocolates she bought back from Whistler, Vancouver. Thanks Elaine. I'm saving it for rainy days. And ooohhh ... I'm expecting Thornton's in a few days time too! Weeeeee ....

Anyway, back to dinner ... we yakked, yakked and yakked non-stop the moment we met up. Nothing beats meeting up with childhood friends which you'd known for donkey years. No need warming up, but just ... shoot and pour, hehe.

I had a glass of their Blood Orange Soda. It tasted nothing like an orange. Strange but I liked it a lot.

Some Chicken Liver Pates on Toasted Bread for sharing too. Smooth and creamy but, must remember to go easy with it.


While the girls had fish and lamb, I opted for their Caramalised Duck Breast with Sautee Sweet Potato, Wilted Spinach, Orange Cardamon Reduction (RM36). I enjoyed my tender, odour-free duck breast, with all its complimenting side. It would be great if they were more generous with their sauce.


We ordered two desserts for sharing. Summer Berries Crumble, with a tad harder than usual crumble ... not quite to my taste as the berries were all pretty sour.

It came with a scoop of Haagen Daz rasberry ice cream, which needless to say hit home-run with us girls but not quite enough to accompany the crumble.

Seen here, Bijou's concoction of Crepe Suzette minus the liquor but with extra banana slices to fill one up. Though the sauces were nothing spectacular albeit too sweet for my tastebud, I liked the texture of the crepe which was soft.

My messy plate.

We stayed on till pretty late though we had earlier agreed to keep it light and breezy. Well, when girls get together, it surely is a hard thing to do!

Special thanks to Hon for treating us dinner :-) Hope you get a chance to go Dune Bashing in Dubai!

p.s. Hooray for us - we raised $91,188.00 in December's Menu for Hope!!! Thanks to each and every one of you who helped make it success, and congratulations to Anne Taylor, lucky winner of the Organic Risotto Pack, Valrhona Cocoa Powder and Vanilla Pod Pack!

Food Republic Lunch

Only now that I noticed my error in my blog entry queue. This entry is suppose to take place after the oysterette gathering, as it was consumed today but nevermind lah okay. I'm lazy, tired and super sleepy but yet, would like to clear my backlog entries lol.

I was in town today to go pay for my flight ticket. YES, THE flight ticket .. but not the one to Singapore. I will be travelling to Singapore by Aerobus with their terminal located at 1Utama, close to my place hence I need not get someone to chaffeur me all the way to town just for that purpose. But the other reason why I'm looking forward to Aerobus is, it will be my first time taking an executive coach! My expectation's definately running high, and I hope, hope, hope ... the coach would reach Singapore within 5 hour on Lunar Eve day (as claimed) otherwise bearmaid will have to wait for me. Bearmaid's touching down from Germany around the same timeeeeee too and with the tight time to check in, and me wanting to have a nice chinese meal to celebration reunion dinner, well. Praying hard.

Back to my ticket payment, I finally made my way to KLM office today to go pick up my ticket to Amsterdam for my April's trip. I can't believe that one has to pay soooo many months in advance? Puh! I never had that issue with Emirates or SQ, which I'd used previously but since they don't fly to Amsterdam directly, so KLM be it. Also, visiting Amsterdam before driving back to Bearmaid's place in Germany would be a nice change.

Now that its firmed, bearmaid can finally make plans for us. We spoke about London yesterday and he wanted to show me the other part of London which I've not seen. There's apparently a lovely restaurant overlooking The Thames, where its a well kept secret amongst Londoners. All I know is, he's got biggg plans for us hehe. You know, although I've stayed there a while many years ago and been in London several times, I've never journeyed anywhere further than the yellow tube line. I always end up going to my favourite duck rice place in Chinatown, followed by Portobello Street to scout for antiques, then for some free performances .. where else but Covent Garden and lastly, I will hit Oxfort Street for some shopping. Quite the predictable isn't it? But of course, I'd ventured a bit more like watching the musicals, going to Big Ben, watching the Changing of the Guards, and scouting for the free exhibition around London etc (Oh, I still remember Cy Twombly's work in Hyde Park!) .. but other than that, the touristy stuff, the crowd, the tube, the air pollution hmmm ... it is soooo not me.

(Latest update: bearmaid had indeed booked us flight + our yummy accomodation from 18-20 April. Aren't Germans efficient? Shame on me, as I always take my time in getting things done).

But ask me about Paris, oh Paris .. ohhh Paris ... that's a totally different thing altogether. For me, Paris is the most wonderful city in the world, and even with me spending one whole month alone in Paris, twice within 3 years - combing every nook and corner of this provoking, seductive city, I don't think I will ever get enough of her, really.

Hang on .. how come I'm blogging about my travel plans here? Hehe .. aiyo, wrong place. But nevermind lah, keep you guys updated so to stay tune with my makan adventure for 2008. It will not be featured here though as this serves as a makan journey for food in Malaysia only, but do drop by Imbi N Itchy.

Back to food, I made my way to Food Republic for lunch after getting my stuff done. Though it was lunch time and was packed to brim, thankfully, the food court is hugeee enough to accomodate the hungry, office slaves around this area.

I felt like eating BiBimbap. My rice craving is hitting me again, but this time I'd reckon its better to choose Bibimbap as it comes with a variety of fibre dish. Need fibre lah.

The bibimbap came with two side dishes. The Daikon Kimchi (I think its daikon), was sourish and appetising. Anchovies were, average.


In most cases, I usually take my Bibimbap in normal bowl but this was done traditionally in a stoneware - which was great to keep the food hot even after 20 minutes of exposing itself to the cold aircond power, but burning the rice at the bottom as the stoneware were simply too hot were not so happening for me lah. If possible, I would like to lick clean my bowl of Bibimbap's soft, fluffy rice but it was burned at the bottom.

This is my first time spotting Lek Tau Suan in KL. Had to had it. It was great! I loveeee how the savoury and crunchy yau char kwai tasted against the goey sweetness of green beans. Yum!

After lunch, came home and rest. Mum's feeling a bit better today after last night's emergency rush to a well known clinic. Hopefully, she'll have a peaceful sleep tonight, otherwise, we will have to admit her to the hospital :-(

Going to bed now. Ciao.

Saturday, 12 January 2008

Pak Li's Katong Laksa

Lunch today was at this Kopitiam called Pak Li in Kota Damansara.

Though there were several Kopitiam joint sprouting within this vicinity, I opted for Pak Li Kopitiam after spotting a "Jalan Jalan Cari Makan" tag infront of the shop. It's endorse by some well known TV program, hence it had to be good somehow isn't it ?

This was what I had. For drinks, I had a glass of Cappucino Coffee (RM3.80). If you like your coffee bitter, with no cappucino taste, well .. this is the coffee for you. I do wonder why they call this Cappucino coffee though.


Their Katong Laksa (RM4.80) is one of their best seller. I for one, have not tried any Katong Laksa before to make a fare comparison but in layman's term, its sorta like the sourish version of Curry Laksa with thick coconut milk.

The shrimps that came with it were small, fresh and soft. The other thing different with this laksa were, they serve them with boiled eggs as garnishing.

It was pretty good. And for the price, really filling stuff.


Thai Food In Food Court


Whenever I'm out in a shopping mall, I'd try to avoid the over commercialised food in food court. There's a few exception to the case of course, after all being said for example, I think highly of KLCC and the latest Pavillion's food court. But today, I'm not blogging on either but a very hidden foodcourt in the city's biggest mall - Midvalley. But not the one located at the top floor, but instead, the one located obscurely at 2nd floor of Centre Court which at many a times, I'd passed by without ever thinking of stepping in there for it turned me off for couple of reason. It's dimly litted and, for food court standard ... the place seems to be a bit on the dirty side.

Until yesterday evening. Been a while since I had a good plate of Nasi Goreng and Grilled Fish, and I simply can't think of anywhere better to have them other than this Thai Stall located inside the food court. I made my way there promptly and made my order. The guy behind the counter told me that I had to wait for 10 minutes. It was dinner time after all, hence ... well, what is 10 minutes versus having to wait for good half hour or more in some places eh ?

Honestly, although the Nasi Goreng Jawa (RM5.50) and Ikan Pari Bakar (RM7.90) did not blew me away, it was pretty good stuff for food court standard. For once, it was flavourful and fresh, including the fish. The sambal which they splatter across the Ikan Pari were notible kicking too, especially when you squeeze in the lime. Spicy, flavourful and sourish .. I enjoyed the taste very much.

The Nasi Goreng Jawa on the other hand were tasty, but lacks any notable ingredient. Not a piece of chicken slice were insight. Only a few strands of vegetable, hence I find it quite pricey.


After dinner, made my way home. Would love to continue feasting my eyes in the shopping mall but had to rush back home for an emergency. Mum's not well.

Not Happening Strudels

Strudels use to be my favourite place to hang out. Once upon the time. But what happened ?

Funny tasting gravy with equally unimpressive Roast Chicken. Forgettable stuff.


Walnut Pie which was alright, but again .. the walnut tasted weird. Was it just me that's having super high expectation of this place, or was the food here really that bad?


Thursday, 3 January 2008

Cold, Groovy Food

Just incase you have this idea that Japanese food bug had invaded me, I careeeee to disappoint. The truth is rosier that it seems.

I caugth the flu bug!


What a great start to 2008.

It's not such a bad idea really. While taking time off to go see a doctor for medicine prescription, I re-routed a bit to Sushi Groove in 1Utama to grab a bite. After all, I had to pass it to get home.

No more echoes of "Groovyyyyy" chanting continously by the wait staff as I enter the stark, dark, minimalist hip restaurant but instead, I was greeted a welcome by an African? Gosh, have you noticed how globalised our F&B had become?

That aside, I already know what I wanted, hence I quickly placed my order.

First to arrive were Neo Tokyo Potato Salad (RM4.90). Served chilled, it was creamy with small bite of potato still with a hint of delicate mayo taste. I was happy with this starter for reason that it did not irritate my sensative throat, and at same time, manage to delight my rather bland tastebud.

For main, I had a portion of their Nigiri Combo (RM14.90) which consist of Unagi, Tamago, Salmon, Tai and Maguro. I find the rice nicely densed with light hint of vinegar. As for the topping, I absolutely love their Unagi and Tamago, of which both were cooked ingredient. The unagi particularly were grilled to perfection, sweet with a nice generous coat of sweet japanese sauce on it. I loved it. As for the raw fishes, it was fresh neitherless but it was served room temperature. I'm one of those whom loves her raw stuff cold, hence I'd give this a miss in the future.


While having my Nigiri, I asked for the menu again to peruse thru the dessert section. Somehow, nothing caught my eye hence I quickly paid up and made my move elsewhere. But not before popping over my ALL TIME FAVOURITE Zara. Yup! Their Warehouse Clearance Sale starts today and they've got great stuff! However, I'm done with my chinese new year shopping, at least for the 1st and 2nd day of Lunar where else the rest, perhaps, I will shop when I'm in Singapore lah.

After feisting my eyes and giving myself a pat in the back (ahem) for having such discipline hehehe ... I dropped by Starbucks for a drink. Hopefully, I get to try some nice dessert there too. While there's quite a bit of dessert choices one can get in 1Utama, I'd decided to pay Starbucks a visit as it had been a while since.

While everyone goes to Starbucks for their coffee, I went straight to the counter asking for errr ... non-coffee beverage? But hey, they had this hugeee poster highligting their latest addition to their Latte family, which happen to be a non-coffee - how could I resist?

So there I was, drinking a cuppa of Matcha Latte, with an additional FOC Rooibus Tea Latte of which both were exceptionally light and lovely, just like my earlier lunch. To top it all were a slice of Lamington (RM4.00). Loveeeeed the texture. Good stuff.

My tummy's happy and throat feels better. And here's to weekend too!