Friday, 7 December 2007

Thai Street Food

Whenever I'm around SS2 area during dinner time, I would end up packing home some good street food, from one of my favourite stall in Wai Sek Kai. Their food has great flavour, always fresh and taste so authentic like what you get in Thailand.

Their stall is located in the middle of Wai Sek Kai. Unfortunately, I've never taken notice of the the name of the stall (I know, I failed as a food blogger), so if you're keen to try their food, fret not. It is the only thai food stall along Wai Sek Kai and when you spot pile of mangoes right infront of the stall, that is it.

There's all types of thai style rice dishes, salads, two kinds of dessert and their famous Thai Laksa (RM4.00). Sad but true, I've never tried them till today though it is one of their best seller. After trying them that I know, what I've been missing all along!

The gravy was delicious *drool*

These are Tapioca. The chinese makes them into a sweet soup dessert, but for Thai, they got them coated with a thick layer of sugar syrup, and just before eating them, pour a generous amount of coconut milk over it. The combination is really good and for the price, the portion's huge too. I only manage 2 pieces after my Thai Laksa, where else dad finished up everything. He loved it too.

Tapioca In Coconut Milk (RM3.00)

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