Saturday, 15 December 2007

Section 17 Market's Wantan Noodle with Stew Chicken Feet

I was at Section 17's wet market one fine weekday morning, due to work.

After sending my material to print in nearby printing shop, I was left with an hour to spare.

I headed towards to wet market, whom happen to be just across the street. The vendor's are still buzzing with activities, all peddling their fresh produce to the customer's within the surrounding area. This market in my opinion is the best wet market in Petaling Jaya. Not only are their produce very fresh, it is priced very competitive too, as there's simple quite a bit of competition there.

Halfway browsing, something caught my eye. It was this wantan mee roadside stall, mended by this old lady. Infront of the stall a small row of Char Siew (BBQ pork) which did not look that impressive but what caught my eye were its stew chicken feet and its thick, creamy curry gravy in a medium size pot. One of my weakness is having my wantan mee with curry gravy hence, I simply got to try it although I was rather full.

I would have prefered my noodle texture to be springy, but no complain here as it was soaked with heavy gravy for a while before consuming it. The charsiew and stew chicken feet needs improvement.

Overall, it was a mediocre plate of Wantan Noodle.

Wantan Mee with Stew Chicken Feet (RM4.20)


  1. For springy wantan mee,try the restaurant opposite Wah Cheong in Section 17. Their noodles are hand made. It's very very Q.

  2. Thanks Simon for the tips! Will lookout for it when I'm in Section 17 again. Yeah .. I like it Q too, not like the commercial type, if soaked a bit longer, it becomes soggy.


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