Sunday, 30 December 2007

Mentaiko Magic


It was such a difficult decision. Everything looked so good. If I have it my way, I would want to try every single item in the menu. Never had I been so spoilt for choices eversince experiencing an authentic trattoria experience in Modena many years ago.

While Mentaiko pasta is not new in Klang Valley (read Boo's Mentaiko adventure here), walking into a japanese pasta house in Klang Valley is a totally different experience altogether. There are close to 30 different varieties of japanese pasta in Pasta Zanmai at 1Utama, with all kinds of imaginable japanese ingredient. Mentaiko no Aojiso-fumi (RM18) got to me somehow. I simply had to try to find out what the fuss was all about. So many well-known bloggers blogged about it. By appearance, it sure looked simple but I know that beneath the simplicity - just like how fond I am of a simple plate of Aglio Olio, appearance and know-how of making a wicked version out of it, is totally a different thing altogether.

After a bite ... goodness! THIS IS WHAT I'VE BEEN MISSING ALL ALONG!

Creamy, salty, slightly spicy with light fishy taste ... now I know what the fuss is all about! The taste were simple and spot on. Love it!

Before moving to blogger community here, I befriended a Tokyo girl based in LA whose blog I visit almost on a daily basis. I still do and one of the thing that I got fascinated with in her blog was her fascination with eggs. Yes, eggs. I mean, I just don't get it. She wine and dine in all the latest hip and happening places in LA - but one of the thing she never got tired off when she cooks at home or the lack off cooking - were eggs. Here she is, consuming all the foie gras, and drinking the most notable wine in the world but why eggs???!! Fortunately for her, LA's a big cosmopolitan city. Getting a good supply of imported japanese egg were possible but not in Malaysia, until now.

Well, you can't buy them for home cooking still but you can try them in form of Onsen Tamago (RM3). The texture, simply remarkable quality with egg yolk so fresh and yellow. The taste were further lifted with the sweet and salty shoyu. Gorgeously paired. Nothing is more simplier and yummier than this, hence I'm so wanna go to Tokyo to eat after this simple experience.


Ending my meal with a sweet, bitter note were a glass of Matcha Tiramisu (RM10). I love it when I get satisfaction out of a meal, minus the guilt. To me, Japanese food always does it.



  1. yeah, japanese food is always simple, healthy yet flavourful. Hey, if you are into Japanese Pasta, i should recommend Pasta De Waraku at the new Central, Clarke Quay (Sg). Central is like a hub for Japanese and Japanese-Fusion cuisine. Hmmm..check it out:

  2. oh geez, thanks! The area sounds, good, not too far from where I'll be staying (i think) hehe, anyway Nic, can you help book for me 2 place for Sage on 11th Feb (Monday) at 8pm. Hopefully, not as crowded on that day. Thanks heaps!

  3. omg.. you tried their pasta! i can't wait to try them.... am so happy to now that everything here is good! :D

  4. Lianne, no prob...will get it done and confirm with you later!

  5. Hi, Lianne.

    May I know where is Mentaiko Magic?


    Btw, Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

  6. Mei Yen - I know huh, me too. I'm always a bit lost with what to eat in 1Utama, and this is just a fabulous addition :-) Let me know what else you tried and I will go try also! Heheh

    Nic - THANKS HEAPS! I owe you bigggggggggggg one *hugs*

    Eloe - Hi Eloe, this Mentaiko Pasta is from Pasta Zanmai, in 1Utama. They are situated right next to Carls Junior, same row as Daves. Happy trying!

  7. Happy NEW YEAR!!:D
    And enjoy your food ....GUILT-FREE!:D


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