Friday, 7 December 2007

Ketam Seafood Lunch

It was raining cats and dogs two days ago here. Not sure which otherpart are affected, but as what I understand from news, Johor got flooded again. As usual. Nothing's being done.

My day started off with me getting to work late as I overslept. Not only that, I got myself wet from the downpour too hence, upon entering the cold airconditioned workplace, I regretted wearing nothing more than a simple blouse that could not keep me warm.

Before lunchtime came, I was already looking forward to having my lunch at Ketam Steamboat place.

I had their Combination Set (RM15.90) with a bit of everything in it. Like my review before, their food are all fresh, fresh, fresh.

For me, I usually go for plain soup. I like how the soup turns sweet towards the end of the meal that you can't really taste from heavily flavoured soup.

In addition to their kicking ass green chilli dip, they gave me another bowl of dip with fried garlic, shallots, sesame seeds and spring onion mixture. It was yummy.

Am starving still, so I orderd extra food. Seen here is Fried Sui Kow (RM6.00). Fried to perfection, with crunchy wantan skin and juicy meat/prawn paste ... it was a good choice.

Last but not least, Siakap (RM6.00) which was so fresh. Another good choice.

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