Thursday, 29 November 2007

Malaysia's Fresh Pasta Morning

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As usual, mum's first word in the morning is "I'm hungry. What's there to eat?".

"Well, today's your physio day" I reminded her. "Better have something proper so that you don't faint half way" I joked.

I could see her face beaming from cheek to cheek upon hearing those magical word. Her being such a glutton, and me, always controlling her food portion due to her health condition, like a child she is, she enjoyed her ride all the way to dad's regular breakfast place. She joined him, where else I went to the next stall.

The pan mee was callingggg out to me *big grin*

For those not familiar with Malaysian food, Pan Mee is essentially Malaysia's version to italian fresh pasta. Made simply with flour and water, you can have them pulled from a well rolled flat dough, into a pot of already boiling soup base. The shape is kinda unexpected, depending on the skill of cook. Some are evenly pulled where you get the flatness still but with funny edges but sometimes, the flatness can be thicker than usual or inconsistent, as the finger accidentally or intentionally squashes them during the pulling process.

You can also order them in traditional noodle shape in your desired thickness, where the dough goes thru a pasta machine to develop the strands. I like them the unexpected way, accidentally or intentionally.

Must be months since I last ate Pan Mee. This Pan Mee taste so good. The soup was sweet, but not from the usual anchovies stock. It has hint of herb, but not quite sure. Oh dear ... it sure confuses me to describe what's in it but surely, I do loveeee the soup somehow.

As for the pulled noodle, its evenly flat. Not quite to my liking unfortunately. Also, the portion's pretty small hence, I had to order something extra to fill myself up.

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Closer look. The ingredients are fresh, and soup's clear and sweet. Lovely.

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To suppliment my hunger, still ... the only type of dimsum available. The Siu Mai which came in a plate of 3 huge pieces, it was surprisingly good!

I loveee it.

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For my breakfast, I spent a total of RM4.50 only for these two item. What a find!

If you would like to try them, head towards Jalan Tiga in Chan Sow Lin area. Just before reaching Nichi Fashion (on your right hand side), this stall's on your left.

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