Sunday, 25 November 2007

Food Foundry Revisit

This morning, I woke up with a simple objective.

To take a drive down to KLCC, where my travel agent is located. Get information on flights for a CNY trip with my BF and check on agent rate tickets to somewhere (another secret la) for Spring.

Other than that, I was eager to go pick up an Origami Book from Kinokuniya bookstore for my niece's upcoming birthday too. Since Origami originated from Japan, I can't think of anywhere else with better selection.

Only upon reaching the junction, turning into Jalan Parlimen that I remembered. Today's the day Hindraf, which stands for Malaysia's Hindu Rights Action Force's taking to the street to rally, calling for a fair upcoming election.

My dad had warned me few nights ago to NOT enter city centre today. The flogger community had also mentioned about the rally but I was a minute too late to recall it.

The traffic built up were just metres away from me and I had no choice but to go along, and finally after getting caught in half hour crawl that I finally made an exit. My tummy was hungry while driving back from city centre. I also need to get my ticket details firmed up by today so that J, my boyfriend could decide if he would pick up the great offer to our holiday destination from his home country.

Then, I came up with this plan. Since I'm back in PJ, why not go eat first. I will then take the LRT down. Brilliant idea!

This was where I'd stopped for lunch. Food Foundry in Section 17, Petaling Jaya - a hidden place, not knowned by many, but popular among bloggers. I started with a plate of Sautee Mushroom (RM6.90). It surprised me with its miserable portion but I was happy with the mushroom quality. It was fresh and juicy. Though bland (I suspect the chef forgot the salt), it was rectified after a quick prompt to deliver me the salt.

As for main, I had a Fettucine Vongole with Mussels (RM14.90). Now, everyone knows I'm a hugeee fan of mussels. I simply can't resist a fat and juicy piece of mussel and Food Foundry's supply simply did not disappoint. It would have been wonderful if more varieties of pasta is being offered as I felt that fettucine simply does not go well here Vongole style.
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Verdict; quality of the supply is still good but cooking is so-so. Perhaps, my expectation were too high?


  1. mmm...havent been there before. but heard the mille crepe is the best in town. have you tried that before?

  2. i heard that food here no longer tastes as good as before, how sad! :(

  3. yup, i've tried their mille crepe few times, they are really good but i was too stuffed for anything else lol

    mei yen - i know, kinda dissapointed there, what pity as their supply is really fresh and good


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