Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Petrus by Gordon Ramsey, London

I wonder if Gordon Ramsey knew or what his thoughts will be if he were to step into his beloved restaurant Petrus and being welcome by this eyesore ...

Not very good impression for both of us honestly, but I´ll hold my judgement for what´s inside I told myself ..

The space itside is sleek and modern with table sittings place in a roundish formation. It felt quite open too where everyone could see everyone.  Since I´m a bit OCD, I´m not quite a fan firstly.  The open concept is not really my thing.

Though we have only less than 2 hours with a 4 course menu, he insisted on bubbly.  An Ayala extra dry, specially reserved for Gordon Ramsey.  Tastewise, dissapointed.  Because it was from their Jeraboam and our pour was close to the end of the bottle, the temperature was not chill enough.  To make matters worst, it was 40C in London that particular day.  Everything cook or sommeliar´s nightmare I reckon.  But tastewise, the Ayala Extra Dry were lovely and crisps.  It was more chardonnay note or percentage than Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier, if I´m not wrong.

Moving on ...

Amuse Bouche in the form of cigar.  How clever.  

It is basically a light pastry filled with dill cream.  Nothing extra ordinary but .. being Petrus, its done daintily with thin pastry casing and light cream.

I tend to judge a good dining spot with their bread and butter, the core day to day western world diet .. and Petrus does a formidable version of it.  The chill cucumber berry refreshment was a lovely welcome after the 40C heatwave.

My starter of Heritage Tomato Salad, Markerel Tartare, Smoked Crepe Fraiche, Basil ...Excellent pairing which I´ve been replicating at home.  One of the wonders of dining in such places, to explore food pairing which you´ll never thought off ...


His starter ...

Gnocchi, Squash, Chestnut Mushroom, Parmesan Veloute

Done right, very light gnocchi and love the veloute ...

Skate, Radish, Baby Carrots, Garlic Veloute ...

Unfortunately, this place got sent back.  Skate is something I grew up eating and if it´s not handled well before cooking, a smell will persist thru.  They changed it to something else but did not acknowledge the badly handled Skate.

For such a reputable restaurant, I was a bit surprise.  

His main ...

Palate cleanser of rhubarb ...

Gariquette Strawberry and Balsamic delice, olive oil, Sweet Cecily

Soooo good.

Picked Blackberry Tart, Vanilla, Creme Fraiche Sorbet ...


And a sweet ending to the meal ...

Overall, it was a good experience but does not live up to our expectation.  Well, it´s Gordon Ramsay´s baby after all.

I reckon if not for the heatwave, our champagne and main course would  have arrived perfectly.  Given such situation, it is highly recommended to visit when one is in London considering the meticulous preparation and effort they put onto the plate.

Tuesday, 2 October 2018

Afternoon Tea @ Ham Yard Hotel, SOHO London

I cannot sing enough praises for this little Afternoon Tea restaurant in Ham Yard Hotel smack right in the middle of SOHO, London.

Kit Kemp, an award winning British Interior Designer did a marvelous job here.  It is not only colourful, exciting, inspiring and cozy - which is typical british, but it is stylish too! 

If your pocket is deep enough, check out their rooms!

Going for around 500 quid per night (approx), my pocket isn´t, but thankfully, there are other ways to enjoy their space and it is ...

their signature Afternoon Tea @ 22 quid per person at this particular SOHO chain.

What I truly love about their Afternoon Tea is, they cater to all dietary requirement.  If you want to cut sugar, no problem. They´ve got reduce sugar Afternoon Tea set.  If you have gluten intolerance, easy peasy.  They have gluten free set.  Vegan? They´ve got them covered too.  

All served using their special edition fine china.  With fantastic service staff to boot ...

My childhood friends flew in from Kuala Lumpur and Manchester respectively so Afternoon Tea is it, for us three to meet up because who knows when will it be next since we live in three different countries now.

Portions were commendable.  Tastewise, not as luxurious as the ones in Harrod´s but for the price, its value for money.

The Firmdale group has around 8 hotels in London offering unique and exciting food & beverage experiences.

Do check them out here.

Friday, 14 September 2018

The Pleasure of Cornish Brown Crab in St Ives, Cornwall UK

It got me thinking on how does one simply blog about crab.

It is excellent crab.  Delicious.  Decadent.  Rich.  Heavy!

And there goes my limited vocabulary to describe just how good these Cornish Crab is.

But I do know that they are known are Brown or Pasty Crab in Cornwall. The pasty shaped shell houses soft and flavoursome brown meat and the legs and claws are packed with the more delicate flavourite white meat. 

The roe however, packs a big punch!  Buttery, rich and flavourful infact a spoonful is more than enough to make you feel that your waistline just expanded. 

I´ve had the pleasure of having these size ´S´crab all to myself.  It was hugeee, almost 35cm wide and more than a kilo heavy!  Good that I was not too greedy and asked for ´M´or ´L´!

After a good 1 1/2 hour with sides of salad and sampire ...

A long walk was needed.

Thankfully, this part of the world was blessed with sunny sky.