Tuesday, 2 October 2018

Afternoon Tea @ Ham Yard Hotel, SOHO London

I cannot sing enough praises for this little Afternoon Tea restaurant in Ham Yard Hotel smack right in the middle of SOHO, London.

Kit Kemp, an award winning British Interior Designer did a marvelous job here.  It is not only colourful, exciting, inspiring and cozy - which is typical british, but it is stylish too! 

If your pocket is deep enough, check out their rooms!

Going for around 500 quid per night (approx), my pocket isn´t, but thankfully, there are other ways to enjoy their space and it is ...

their signature Afternoon Tea @ 22 quid per person at this particular SOHO chain.

What I truly love about their Afternoon Tea is, they cater to all dietary requirement.  If you want to cut sugar, no problem. They´ve got reduce sugar Afternoon Tea set.  If you have gluten intolerance, easy peasy.  They have gluten free set.  Vegan? They´ve got them covered too.  

All served using their special edition fine china.  With fantastic service staff to boot ...

My childhood friends flew in from Kuala Lumpur and Manchester respectively so Afternoon Tea is it, for us three to meet up because who knows when will it be next since we live in three different countries now.

Portions were commendable.  Tastewise, not as luxurious as the ones in Harrod´s but for the price, its value for money.

The Firmdale group has around 8 hotels in London offering unique and exciting food & beverage experiences.

Do check them out here.

Friday, 14 September 2018

The Pleasure of Cornish Brown Crab in St Ives, Cornwall UK

It got me thinking on how does one simply blog about crab.

It is excellent crab.  Delicious.  Decadent.  Rich.  Heavy!

And there goes my limited vocabulary to describe just how good these Cornish Crab is.

But I do know that they are known are Brown or Pasty Crab in Cornwall. The pasty shaped shell houses soft and flavoursome brown meat and the legs and claws are packed with the more delicate flavourite white meat. 

The roe however, packs a big punch!  Buttery, rich and flavourful infact a spoonful is more than enough to make you feel that your waistline just expanded. 

I´ve had the pleasure of having these size ´S´crab all to myself.  It was hugeee, almost 35cm wide and more than a kilo heavy!  Good that I was not too greedy and asked for ´M´or ´L´!

After a good 1 1/2 hour with sides of salad and sampire ...

A long walk was needed.

Thankfully, this part of the world was blessed with sunny sky.

Tuesday, 11 September 2018

L´Antica Trattoria Ristorante, Sorrento

We chanced upon a wonderful trattoria in Sorrento during our last summer holiday.  Being in Amalfi Coast, local italian restaurants are abundant in every corner of this region.  Hence we weren´t too particular with pre-planning or pre-booking our daily meal except for a special night in Positano ... that´s another post altogether.

So anyway, competition here must be really high as ...

We were served complimentary Prosecco and Appetiser the moment we sat down!

But this is no ordinary restaurant as we later found out.  They are highly rated, so it´s baffles us that apart from offering a reasonably 3 course set-lunch for less than €20 each person with extensive choices, they up the game with complimentary Prosecco and Appetiser?


Fried Zucchini Flower stuffed with Ricotta.  Excellently light and delicioussss ...

Their main selection were extensive from selection such as a whole seabream to local pasta favourites .. perhaps their menu changes frequently, but on that week .. it was excellent!

My main.  Seafood linguine with all the local seafood catch ... worth noting, Amalfi Coast is fame for their clams and octopus. 

Fusilli Caserecci alla Zucchini, a shape I´ve been crazy about lately and a dish I´ve been trying to replicate at home. Very simple dish with Zucchini, cream and parmesan.  But sooo good when done well.

The waiter came over with these dish while proclaiming it is the best dessert in the world!  Well, he doesn´t know that we´re bloody picky people.  But he´s right!

Who does not like ricotta filled pastry?  We love it that it´s not too heavy after the heavy main course.

But as one ages, we need a bit of help to digest.

For the past years, we´ve been getting ourselves addicted to very strong espresso after our meal.  We can´t live without our grinder machine and our regular italian coffee bean.


So here´s to a habit where it all originates from.

Super love their espresso.  Strong, strong, strong ...

Come here for lunch if you´re in Sorrento.

Well, come here for dinner too, but be prepared to pay 3-4 folds more!