Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Fuego, South American Restaurant @ Troika Sky Dining

It is a ´must do´ each time hubby flies back to KL with me.  We would reserve a free day just for us inbetween visiting family and friends and preparing ourselves for upcoming CNY celebration.  Hubby knows how much I do miss my homecity, plus, there´s always an element of surprise whenever I visit!  KL´s  development and changes like most Asian cities are astoundingly fastpace that it´s sometimes unrecognisable.

Fortunately too, the Mono Rail Transit (MRT) system and efficient Grab Car service makes life much easier.

Our pick this trip for dining is Fuego.

First thing first, it is Al-Fresco style.  It suits us well as we welcome the heat after months of harsh German winter.  Sweating is good!  Moreover, it´s that the best way to experience South American vibe? :-)

The view?  Indescribably beautiful.  Having the front row table helps too.  But do call in advance for such a privilege!

I´m a big fan of south american cuisine so it´s not a surprise, Fuego´s fusion intepretation intriques me. Salt Baked Potato, Foie Gras Sage Hollandaise, Balsamic Reduction, Salt Dust RM 70 under small plates category.  Melt in your mouth, flavourful and rich, great for sharing.

The Fuego Guacamole, serve with vegetable chips.  Guacamole was done right with right balance of creaminess, sourness, sweetness, spiciness. Very addictive.  A must order here.

In between meals, we manage to catch the lovely sunset setting infront of us with the sound of south american music playing at the background.  Love the vibe here!

Vegan rejoice.

Cauliflower Steak Shiso Gremolata, Parmesan And Almond Soil, Lemon Zest, Cumin Toasted Pistachio RM 30

Who says you need meat to enjoy your meal?  This one proofs it.  I´ve tried replicating them at home a few times but something is amiss!

It is recommended to order 2-3 dishes per couple but hey, we are big eaters so, we topped up an additional of Corned Beef Croquettes.  The menu states that it´s Slow Roasted for 6 hours! Comes with Beef Glaze, Onion And Parsley Gremolata, Baby Coriander RM 35, hubby thoroughly enjoyed it.

The plates were cleaned by us so that´s the testiment of how good the food is.

Love it.

Friday, 13 April 2018

Kollatz Bistro @ Four Seasons Hotel Gresham Palace, Budapest

The grandeur of Gresham Palace in Budapest, a well known Art Nouveau architecture building can be quite intimidating.  Till I spot a few American couples inside with their classic sneakers, socks and casual polos :-) 

Checking our casual smart outfit out and giving each other a nod, we gleefully hop in confidently.


Tucked at the corner of this building is a reputable and popular french bistro among locals.  The moment we walk in, we were quite taken by surprise by its vibe.  Though still maintaining its Art Deco feature with huge chandeliers, it was lively and full of buzz and chattering.  Service here was impeccable.  And within minutes, we knew what we wanted ...

I had their Foie Gras terrine, serve with apricot compote and side of Brioche.  Do eat Foie Gras in Hungary! Their produce are exported extensively to picky french eaters so that says a lot.  And I was not dissappointed.  Great, creamy foie gras paired well.  

French Onion Soup, a classic heart warming starter which got hubby two thumbs up vote.  Portion´s pretty mighty too as you can see.

His Oak Charcoal Grilled Ribeye, served with potatos and vegetables.

The kitchen staff knows what they are doing.  What an excellent piece of duck, cooked to perfection with a gorgeous charred taste.  Sublime.  Love my Duck Leg, Mash Potato, Brussel Sprouts and Bacon.

Their French Toast with Pear, Blood Orange Soret is legendary so we´ve got to have them.  Brioche was used for the toast hence it was light and fluffy.  I didn´t get the chance to try out the rest as hubby whacked it all in in a jiffy.  Unbelievable.  I take it that its good than?

Truth to the told, I had a hard time finishing my dessert as we did not expect the portions to be so substantial.  But if you´re ever in Budapest, trying out their Samloi Sponge Cake is a must.  Though its sponge, I felt that it was too heavy after a meal.

Love the citrus base ice cream!

We love this place.  Guess we will return again in Autumn :-)

Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Restaurant De Kas, Amsterdam

A post worth writing thought it happened two years ago!

A friend came for a visit with her son and we decided to see Amsterdam a bit since Schiphol was the closest international airport she landed in.  She ended up confined in our rented houseboat as she not only carried her usual luggage with her from home, but she unknowingly contracted dengue too just two days before flight departure!  Lots of shuffling around followed soon after this lunch.  

She is however, in pink of health today and live to tell her horror ordeal to all her friends and family back home :-)  Thank god.

Now, back to De Kas!

I´ve always wanted to check them out.

Located in a greenhouse and famed for using produce right from their door step, I was apprehensive the moment I step in as I  see more tourist lunching there than locals?

Online review was great. Have faith, I told myself ...

Nibbles were alright, but, it is something I could pick up easily from my weekend market here.

Chilled Soup of Baked Beetroot with lightly smoked beetroot, dill and mint.  Refreshing, light.  Hoping for a wow, but ...

Salad with white asparagus, lobster, radish, vadiuvan foam.  Salad tasted like what I could harvest from my garden.  White asparagus was okay, I cook them the same way at home.

Not wanting to give up hope, at last, something which tickled my tastebud and it´s from the Remeker cheese which I find satisfyingly strong and flavourful.

Main course of Fried Seabass serve with Pearl Barley.  It is main course so I do expect a bit of excitement to this dish.  Either the produce, flavour or cooking style should WOW.  Just something ... because this is what diners expect from good rated restaurant.

Dessert was sort off the saving grace.  Yoghurt ice cream which tasted rich and creamy, why bother with real ice cream with scary fat content.  The oat crumble provided a good crunchy texture to the ice cream too, and rhubarb .. yum with its tint of sourness. More restaurants should cook with rhubarb more as it´s just so underrated.

I reckon you would like this place if you´re expecting clean-tasting food.  I was expecting something since it is a well-rated restaurant.

Apart from ambience and setting, I find the food a bit weak in terms of originality and taste.