Friday, 12 December 2014

Apples Restaurant, Park Hyatt Hamburg

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Well, I did promise to treat myself more often once my little business takes off. One is up and I have another one more to go. It will be my little project for 2015 and not only am I super excited over it, my hubby who is usually pretty laid back and is always telling me to take things easy, no stress laaaa ... is super excited over it too! Totally unexpected because he himself had also embarked on a little `P´project and I never have guessed that he had anymore excitement left for mine :-)

So anyway, I recently caught up with some old friends up north in Hamburg for our yearly Christmas Market get-together. It was such a heart-warming gathering, filled with honesty, sincerity, and simplicity and am glad I made it this time versus last year where I decided to not proceed as weather forecast took a sudden turn, and it just felt unsettling then.

My treat while in Hamburg this round was ... a visit to Apples Restaurant in Park Hyatt.  Located not too far away from the train station (Hamburg Hauptbahnhof), it received pretty good reviews amongst the german speaking community in a few travel sites.

I had ...

Freshly baked focaccia bread and walnut bread.  It came with a fantastic fig reduction creme which I can´t get enough off.  I had to stop myself from finishing the bread as I wasn´t sure how big my 3 course meal order was.

Here´s my appetiser of Garnelen/gebraten - Pinienkern Panacotta, Grapefruit, Dill Vinaigrette.

Nothing to shout about if you ask me.  The prawns were succulent and fresh, expected of such establishment but I expected the flavour pairing of pinenut pannacotta, or grapefruit to be a bit more mind boggling and it is not.  It is done right, yes, but not spectacular.

Main of Mais Poularden Brust - Artischocken Crème, Schwarzwurzel, Bohnen

If there is one thing I am impress with, it is what lies beneath the succulent piece of corn-fed chicken.  What I first thought as a very well prepared potato mash underneath is, artichoke cream as I later found out.  The stacks on top of it which I originally thought were white asparagus turn out to be Salsify.  Sal what?  Yes, salsify.  It is a kind of black rooted vegetables with oystery, ocean-like taste to it but comes with a white asparagus texture.  Very interesting and very, very good.  Its something I would love to pick up one day and try to cook it.

And dessert of Feigen Tarte,  Blätterteig, Cassisreduktion, Vanilleeis

Last but not least was a very well made Fig tart.  The tart itself is almond base, a good base to pair with fig.  Reduction sauce were done well, with lovely syrupy thickness and yet not too sweet.  The vanilla ice cream were smooth and creamy, but yet, was serve in the right temperature thats not too cold.  Thankfully.  Vanilla pod in the ice cream were visable with each bite I put in my mouth ... so I would say this dessert is really faultless ... and is a perfect end to the meal.

I would love to return when I am in Hamburg again!

Sunday, 30 November 2014

Lunch @ Dornröschenschloss Sababurg

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Germany is a vast land with lots of nooks and corner still left unexplored by me.  But often enough, we will find ourself back to good old corner because it offers a bit more history and edge than other for example the Fairy Tale Route which spans across a few states and located not too far from where we live.  We were there two months ago for a short trip to visit the real castles and palaces which inspired today´s much love fairy tale stories such as Snow White, Rapunzel, Sleeping Beauty, The Pipe Piper etc ...

It was in Sleeping Beauty Castle that we got a chance to taste some of the finest local delicacy.  The bratwurst or sausages were from wild boar, possibly made fresh ... 

Zwei Reinhardswald Wildschweinbratwürstemit Preiselbeersauce,
Apfelrotkohl und Spätzle ...

Forellenfilet mit Sahnemeerrettich, Blattsalat, Baguette und Butter

And my trout tasted just as fresh ... and yummy.  Hubby was a bit concern if its enough to fill up my tummy but to me, thats a good excuse to explore a cafe to try out the local cakes!

Friday, 31 October 2014

Dinner @ Strandhaus No 12, Edersee

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Returning back to continenal eating, here is a restaurant high on my list to visit during our recent weekend trip to Edersee.  I know hubby would be very please with its maritime theme decor with most seats taking in a gorgeous, unblocked view of Edersee. Our dinner was a simple two course, nothing too fancy usually when eating out in Germany as portions are usually huge and filling that one can´t go more than two course anyway.

To start off ... I had a glass of rose, and he, a weissbier.

The kitchen is known for serving homebread breads, dips and the likes.  The bread tasted fresh, healthy and light.  Perfect.

Something from the seasonal menu and its pumpkin.  Light, creamy with a hint of spice.  I enjoy the texture very much too, being not too chunky or too watery.

His tomato soup however looked like a can of tomato puree.  I was worried for him, but alas, he said it tasted homemade and decent. 

My schnitzel man and his beloved portion of pommes aka fries.  He is a happy camper with just the two but the chef like any good chef, wanted to keep the meal balance by introducing a decent portion of green. Haha.  Well .. its rude to not finish your plate hubby .. so eat up!

I went for a light Tomato and Rucola Flammkuchen.  It was a Monday so its vegetarian day for me.  The crust were amazingly light and crusty.  One of those kind where it might just get blown away if you eat them outdoor!

All and all, decent food for the fair price in such hotel category.